Do you want to learn the best ways to promote your YouTube Video? This article will teach you the best way to do it. YouTube videos are a major source of information. People come to YouTube to learn new things, to discover places, or just relax and chill.

Creating your YouTube video is just the first step. After that is the main task of YouTube promotion. It is very important to promote your YouTube videos.

5 Brilliant Ways To Promote Your YouTube Video


  1. SEO- Search engine optimization – This is one of the basic steps you need to think about when creating and uploading your YouTube video. There are many factors that you can take into consideration while you do this. You can find the keywords if you type in the caption into the search engine of Google or YouTube.

    The first aspect to consider while creating your caption is that the keyword should come at the beginning of the heading. Like for example, if you are making a video on how to make an Apple pie. There are two types of caution that you can create: one that says, How to make an Apple pie and the second one says, Apple pie – best online recipe. The second one is bound to give you more hits than the first one. In addition to optimizing the caption of the video, there are many other aspects that you need to take into consideration. The next point to take into consideration is when you tag your videos. It is unnecessary to create a multitude of tags for your videos.

    For example, if you have created a YouTube promotion video, the best tags would be YouTube promotion video, learn to promote your YouTube video, the video for YouTube promotion. Approximately 3-8 tags are enough to promote Youtube video. Else there is a chance of the search engine getting confused about what the content of your video is. The next field that is also very important to be conscious about is that you give a good and detailed description. The description should give all the details about the video. For example, your cookery video should be followed by a recipe with the ingredients and method in a simple way.

    If your video is about a certain place, it would be a very good idea to give a description of where the place is, how you got there and how long you stayed there. The step to consider next is when creating the thumbnail for the video, it’s better to stay away from the color that is present in the logo of YouTube. That is red, black and white. Colors like green, blue, brown stand out more in the search results. And thus, they help to create more visibility for your content. This is how you can use Search Engine Optimization to promote your content.

  2. Promotion on Social Media – Once you create your YouTube channel, it’s an excellent idea to create social media accounts associated with your channel. The most popular and happening social media channels that can drive traffic to your YouTube videos are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Promotion on each of these channels is done in a different way. On Instagram, be sure that you put in content that is related to your YouTube page and also at the same time, sneak peeks into your upcoming videos. You could create live videos to have audience interaction and that would translate into more views for your videos. Follow people who have a similar content like yours which will lead to more connections and thereby more audiences.

    On Facebook, the best idea is to join groups or pages that have similar interests and views like yours and create a good interaction. Once you have gained enough visibility in the groups, you will organically create more followers. Twitter requires a slightly different approach. You need to follow people with similar interests, create meaningful conversations around your content and then build your audience. This will lead them to your YouTube videos. Pinterest as a medium doesn’t require as much hard work as the other social media channels. The thumbnail that you use for your YouTube videos can be used for Pinterest too. But don’t forget to promote your content as much as possible on all social media channels.

  3. Create collaborations with other YouTubers – This is the next best way to promote YouTube videos. Collaborating with YouTubers that have similar content or complementary content gives you an immense amount of insight into engaging new audiences. Your content reaches out to a new set of people and more followers. If you do 10 collaborations in a year, you are bound to have at least an increase of 50% in your followers. While doing this, do not forget to allow your content to be embedded. This helps more audience building and hence more promotion.


  4. Create engagement with users – Getting followers is not useful if you don’t create a live engagement with them. The three main criteria of content engagement is subscribers, likes and comments. The easiest out of these three are likes. If your content is interesting, your viewers will like the video. Once your content has been viewed the next step to make sure that they subscribe, to your channel. More subscribers equal more value for your channel. According to researchers, you get more visibility if you have more comments from your subscribers. An interesting way to assure comments is to include a CTA(Call to Action) in your videos. Like for example, ask a question at the end of your video that motivates the viewers to comment. And then make sure to keep the conversation running. It may not be practical to answer all the comments but make sure you create some form of engagement.


  5. Email subscribers – This is one of the first and basic steps to any content promotion. When you start out new, you may not be having a lot of followers. To begin with your family and friends. Send them your YouTube video links by email with a short description of your video. The description should be in a way that urges them to go and watch the videos. And once you are established and have subscribers, you could give them the possibility to subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletter that creates more engagement and promotion for your YouTube videos.

    So these are the five best ways to promoting YouTube videos. Go on and start right away and let us know which method worked best for you!

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