Do you want your music to go viral and to grow your FanBase? You’re at the right place to learn more about how you can achieve this. Music is something that every person in this world hears but alas, there are only a few musicians out there making cool music. However, all music does not reach the audience who would really appreciate them. This leads to the loss of good music in the noise various videos and cacophony. If you are a budding artist and trying to look out for exposure of your music on the internet, you will need to know much more about organic music promotion. Hopefully, this article will guide you through various ways to promote your music.

    Howsoever, promoting your music on the internet is not just enough to break the barriers of getting acknowledged for your work. You will need a wingman or in this case, wingmen to get your back. These wingmen are in today’s modern vocabulary known as the fans. The true fan base can actually do a great deal of work when you want to promote music through the internet. We will be discussing more the organic music promotion and increasing fan base in the following segments of the article.

    We know it is hard to tie the horses and if you are still reading the article, we are sure that you want to dive deep into the various ways to increase your fan base and promote music on the internet. Without further ado, let us hop into the 24 ways we found legit and remarkable in the event of music promotion services and Free SoundCloud promotion of any huge cost.


24 Smart Ways To Promote Your Music Organically And Grow Your Fan Base


    The first and foremost thing to do is to create a dope art. Create a music that is engaging. The facts on the table suggest that the music is only enjoyed by people when the musicians enjoy themselves. So, if you are still not hooked on to your music, we would refer you to try something else and play with the notes. Once you are done with that there are several ways you can get more fans to listen to your music. But, all these require a great deal of commitment and well chalked-out strategy to achieve the position. Getting back on the track, we have the following suggested ways that will surely help you in increasing your fan base in 2018.

  1. Know your Brand

   Branding is all that an artist needs to actually step into the world. The journey of any successful musician is about how good you sell your stuff. People generally follow the musicians who are natural and comfortable in presenting themselves. So, if you are a shy person, you might need to find the best way to show yourself up. However, you have the internet where you need not to interact with your fans directly but still, you will need to provide them with adequate information about you and your music. In that case, you can select a genre of your type and try polishing them before you outbreak your brand to the public.

For that, you can search for the uniqueness that distinguishes you from other artists who also want to be heard. You can share your story or your journey from the beginning and how you have reached some accolades. This helps you to build an identity among the potential fans and once they find your work interesting, they will share your work with their friends and family members. This channel is called the word-of-mouth which is far more convincing and effective tool in the digital marketing area. This is music promotion free of any cost.

  1. Live music promotion

Most often, people forget the value and essence of personal communication with the advancement in technology. Everything is now on the digital platform and space is more crowded with similar music all here and there. So, you must follow and bring about an organic music promotion that will not only cater to the person-to-person interaction but also allow your listeners to get out of their smart devices and enjoy a live experience of your music. So, if you are confident enough about your piece, put them together, release them in an album, and distribute them to reach your potential audience.

You can also opt for Gigs. They can offer a great start for your album. You only need to convert a local gathering into a remarkable event. You can go for a premier before the release date. This will create a buzz among the music lovers and they will attend your event. Most probably, the attending audience will end up buying the first copies of your album. Thus, you will get hold of a nice fan base. So, take a step and promote music in the conventional way that will surely beat the digital promotion.

  1. Build your website and promote

Now, the basic step towards promoting your music online would be to create a website of yours. Upload your work there at regular intervals and let your subscribers know your presence once in a while. This is a technique used for music video promotion as well. Building a website now is a child’s play with various tools available on the internet where you can upload your music and promote it using advertisements and links through various websites. You can also introduce a blog section which will entail the events and behind the scenes in making a piece. But, you must keep your audience engage in one way or the other.

  1. Use social media

Social media is yet another way to organically promote your music in a way like no other. Assuming you do not live in the rock ages, you are well acquainted with the social media platforms. Use these platforms to advertise your work and content to different people accessing social media. Now, it is high time that you understand that your work has taken a professional turn where you need to portray your work for the music industry. Upload your music videos on the social media platform and share with your friends. You can also upload teasers to give your audience and followers to gulp some hints on your upcoming work.

  1. Use virtual streaming media

You are well aware of the various songs playing media platform on the smartphones and devices. Use them to your advantage by uploading or linking your music to iTunes or SoundCloud or Google Play. Music promotion SoundCloud is a great way to make your music reach the ears of song lovers. It generally needs some amount of financial investment but the returns are worth it. Putting your song on SoundCloud is the first step every artist should take. It doesn’t require a record deal or distribution and it’s accessible to everybody. If you want organic SoundCloud promotion, you can check our SoundCloud packages and find out more on our page.

  1. Opt for video streaming media

Speaking of the video streaming media, none has higher coverage than YouTube. Just open an account on YouTube and name your channel. Update your bio and upload some of the works. The best way of music video promotion is YouTube which you can further share with your website or on social media. Videos always create a buzz as compared to only audio anytime. Music promotion YouTube is free. However, you can put some money to increase the reach.

  1. Gear up for Instagram

Well, yes Instagram is a social media platform but it hosts pictures and videos which are much more engaging than just putting captions or creating an event. Instagram also has the live format which allows your followers to get a peek inside your work. You can also promote music using the business account. Instagram videos are a great way to promote your new release.

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags don’t seem of great value. But, you should keep it in mind that hashtags actually give more exposure to your content than anything else would. Try to use as many hashtags you find relevant with your work. It makes your fans find your work much easier. You can use hashtags to promote your music on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Select your music category an

  1. Perform on stage

Having a part of a legacy requires showmanship. You need to show yourself to the people out there and that to in real. Most artists prefer to stay masked as they have a stage fright and don’t know how the performance might go. But, you should know that your work will only be sold if people can see it. Now, obviously, music is intangible but you are tangible. So, if someone summons you up on stage, do not hesitate to take the step.

  1. Play on events

There are several sponsored events especially college fests and charitable events where the run tight on the budget but want established singers who have been able to create a buzz on the internet. You can try to look out for them or if they summon you, accept the proposal. Even if it does not entail many monetary rewards, it can provide you with the exposure you would like at the initial stages. It is another cheap music promotion strategy that will increase your fan base.

  1. Get yourself listed in YouTube’s Fan Fest

YouTube has been able to grab much attention their media platform and every year they arrange a festive occasion in different cities to celebrate their success over years. This fan fest brings together various artists of different genres blend with different cultures. This is an opportunity that you must look out for.

  1. Partner with local bands

Partnering with local bands increases your reach to the audience as the potential audience will be able to listen to your music. It is a way of leveraging each other’s audiences. It is more of a trade-off where both the parties acknowledge helping each other out to increase the fan base.

  1. Seek music blogs

There is another way to promote music online when you want instant exposure through great blogs. In reality, it needs a good deal of time to make your digital footprints known from your website. This is where music promotion Spotify can help you get a better hold. The bloggers on Spotify can help you to promote your music among their audience.

  1. Build relationships with online influencers

Relationships hold a great value and the prime driver of sales is the relationship. So building a rapport with online influencers can help you in a great way. If you are pretty new to the music industry, an online influencer can change your game. Provided the fact that they have a huge follower base, one tweet can do wonders by increasing your fan base exponentially. This is another cheap music promotion way to make connections with other artists or people in the business.

  1. Get your music on popular playlists

One of the effective ways to increase your fan base is to get to a place where you can create a buzz. So, music promotion Spotify helps you to get spotted among others. All you need to understand is to get featured in the Spotify playlists. We work with over 2000 Spotify Playlists worldwide and using our services is a smart idea to promote your music.

  1. Be present on music discovery websites

The industry influencers are always on the go to find any trending or new content to share with their followers. So, they spend a noticeable amount of their time searching and discovering new music on the internet. Getting a little attention on the music discovery websites can boost you and your work. Put your music on major music streams websites so people can get to know you. SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify are the first 3 websites where you should upload your work.

  1. Be committed to your promise

Well, it is not more of an organic music promotion strategy but a definite requirement for you to receive continuous appreciation. You must know that retaining the old audience is always appreciated while you still try to acquire more fans to your base. For that, you need to engage your audience on a periodic basis, make deliverable promises, and keep to your commitments.

  1. Take help from music promotion services

There are several online music promotion services and tools that you can use it by yourself. They have interactive interfaces and you can use them to your advantage to make your audience woo on your piece.
Use MusicPromotionCorp to promote your music and grow your FanBase. We use direct marketing strategies to make your music go VIRAL!

  1. Outsource promotion

If you are not too comfortable with the technologies, you have the provision of outsourcing the promotion to different music promotion companies. They have a team dedicated to promoting music and with ample experience; they can also guide you through the steps of promoting your music and gather more audience.

  1. Music promotion website

Most of the time, the promotion strategies can backfire and outsourcing means you have to spare money. But, there is another alternative as to how you can promote your music on your own. There are many music promotion sites which provide you with a variety of music promotion packages which are tailor-made as to how you would like to devise your strategy in approaching promotion. Music Promotion SoundCloud is a great way to start putting your music online. We offer music promotion SoundCloud for free on our website where you can get 500 SoundCloud Plays on your track or album.

21. Promote your music on Spotify

    Music promotion Spotify is a great way to start your musician career. First, you need to upload your track on Spotify and then start the promotion. If you want Free Music Promotion, then start sharing your track on social media sites likes Facebook and Twitter. Facebook groups are a great way where you can start. If you go for the paid music promotion, then using websites like MusicPromotionCorp is an excellent choice. If you want to do your own paid music promotion, then start with Facebook Targeted Ads.

22. Promote your music on SoundCloud

If you want your music to be heard by a lot of people then one of the best choices is to put upload your tracks on Soundcloud. It takes a few minutes to put your track on SoundCloud, and then you need to start promoting yourself. Start by checking other tracks, leave comments, follow other artists. This is a great organic SoundCloud promotion to start getting more plays on your track.

23. Promote your music on YouTube

You should not neglect the power of video. Every musician uses YouTube to promote their music. Creating the video is just the first step to get more audience for your video. After you uploaded your work on youtube, start promoting it on your social media to get more views and shares. Doing this organic music promotion is a great way to learn more about how to promote your future projects.

24. Promote your music on Itunes

Itunes is the perfect place where you can get more sales, downloads and streams for your music. If you want more sales, then you need to start promoting it on social media, FB groups, music blogs. You can also use paid music services to promote your iTunes music, but if your budget is limited, then do the promotion yourself.

Quality matters over Quantity

The truth about increasing fan base of any musical work is related to the quality of the content rather than the quantity. Promotion is obviously a tool to help your content reach the audience and potential listeners but that does not guarantee a conversion. So, you must be looking forward to creating quality content and your fan base will increase automatically.

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