Learn the best ways to promote your music on SoundCloud Today! MusicPromotionCorp offers the best SoundCloud Promotion Services on the market! Promotion of music used to be a hassle years ago. But today in the age of social networking, recognition of anything has become very easy and reaches out to a crowd of billions in no time. Soundcloud is the ultimate platform for all the musicians around the world to promote themselves and gain recognition. There are over a million listeners on SoundCloud and this is the best platform for any band/musician to get recognition. All you have to do is create a profile, upload your work and share it with your friends, to begin with. But apart from this, a lot is to be done t promote your music amongst the listeners.

   It is the perfect and cost-effective tool for musicians to promote their music and is considered to be a better platform than YouTube where the musician is trying to promote his track rather than the video. The listeners promote your work and it is very important that the musician’s work reach the right audience at the right time. Get free SoundCloud followers today. It is important to understand how to get followers for your Band/Music. The popularity of the video is gauged by the number of hits or clicks the video has and it is the quality f the video and the effort taken to film it that makes the video clicking making it popular but on Soundcloud it is the quality of the music that matters which attracts listeners and followers who will further promote your music by sharing it. Though videos go viral on YouTube it is not a promising platform for musicians and especially for promoting their music because the popularity is again determined by the algorithm which depends on the many views the video gets.

10 Smart Ways To Promote Your Music on SoundCloud


  1. Share your tracks

Sharing your tracks is very important today. It should not come as a surprise; in fact, it should become a nature by now. Whenever you release or upload a new track on sound cloud, do not forget to share it on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr etc. Send some old-fashioned emails if required, ask people to like it.

  1. Make Free Download Available

Make sure your tracks are available for free download. People now prefer free music and this helps you get more recognition for your work.

  1. Comment freely

Do not forget to mention about ‘feel free to comment’ in your description. These get you constructive feedback and an opportunity to interact with your audience.

  1. Follow

Yes, following helps. Do not hesitate to follow someone’s work. This makes it obvious from the other side to follow you. Even if the other user does not follow you, but would definitely listen to your tracks once, thus leading to a change of mind.

  1. Be Active on the site

Be active and updated on sound cloud. Create some small and subtle ad campaigns of your band and share it on groups and pages. Interact with people, share and ask for feedbacks etc. the more you are active, the more you get recognition.

  1. Listen to others

It is important to listen to others work as much as it is important to release your work. Liking and sharing other work, which you genuinely like will help draw attention. As an artist, you keep earning and need more ideas. Respecting other artist’s work also gives you more recognition and appreciation.

  1. Reposting

Keep reposting your tracks every now and then but make sure you don’t exaggerate. You can repost your private tracks in public forums giving access to more people to your tracks.

  1. Personal Details

Mention your personal information like contact details, email address, areas of interests. These minute details can get more people on a personal level. People might want to contact you or share their comments personally. You might come across some offers which can be a breakthrough in your career.

  1. Social Links

Do not forget to mention your social links in your sound cloud page. This will bring your listeners close to you. Your listeners might develop a personal interest in your work and life.

  1. Don’t upload everything

Do not post every track of yours to your sound cloud account. Post only the ones which you feel have got very good reviews and make it as limited as possible. This does not make you look exaggerated and forced publicity on people.

Soundcloud is, of course, an easy and convenient platform but to really click and to gain the recognition you need to have a strong community. Sound Cloud has and will always help budding musicians and bands to reach the mass at once. With the right information as described, it might help you make a career through SoundCloud. Or some do it for the passion of music and then get appreciated.

Soundcloud an ideal networking site that promotes your music without much cost involved!

    Soundcloud can be credited to be one such social platform which is designed to help budding and new artists for promoting their creation. The options of reposting and likes and Soundcloud followers free are excellent promotional tools which increase and improve the visibility of your music which makes it similar to FaceBook and Twitter. The more reposts your music has the more visible and exposed your song becomes. Thus becoming a member of other groups and communities and creating your own community is very important at Soundcloud. By actively commenting on the music you like and by responding to comments you receive you can expect reposts of your work which is needed for recognition and visibility. It is a very cost-effective method of song promotion as well where you do not have to worry about filming your song to be liked by an audience, unlike YouTube. Thus Soundcloud has this advantage and benefits over YouTube, especially for new and wannabe artists. It is a very low-cost means of song promotion and a platform that improves your visibility and recognition globally. There is no denying of the fact that the quality of the music matters but by taking the right steps for building community followers you can popularize your songs.

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