Do you want to become famous on Spotify? We offer the best organic Spotify promotion services on the market and we will help you to boost your Spotify Plays and Increase Monthly Listeners. Even after preparing a great playlist, it becomes a challenge to reach the music lovers. But today, fortunately, there are many means to make the music lovers listen to your music. One can make use of sites like Spotify to do this. There are many organic ways to increase the follower’s list on Spotify. Here are some tips to get more followers on Spotify.

10 Smart Ways to Boost Your Spotify Plays And Become Famous


1. Plan the promotion: Pushing the created playlists online is the best way to boost Spotify plays and new followers. Through this, it is possible to gain any number of plays which the musician needs. Always remember to do some research and take inspiration of trends running on social media. Always plan properly on ways to advertise as well as plug the playlists. Try many ways through which it is possible to get the attention of new followers. Along with this, one more technique which can help is following -for -follow. This is nothing but connecting and communicating with other curators.

2. Advertising in your network: Like the way, we try to increase followers on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, try to connect with more users on Spotify. Try to make the existing playlists popular among the users on Spotify. There will be ways like sponsored posts using which it is possible to promote playlists within Spotify. This is considered the simplest way to promote playlists. This can also help in reaching out the social media followers to promote the songs and buy Spotify plays. It is also possible to advertise playlist personally. Try to contact and talk to local independent shops, bars, venues, and even cafes.

 3. Taking help of playlisting sites: Look for sites which can push playlists like and Sound Plate. Here try to submit the playlists to curators and their network. There will be sites which are interlinked to apps. Like is connected to an app called Playlist a Day. This app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. This can even randomize Spotify playlists along with sending it to users. It sends a themed playlist for a single day. This is free and can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes.

4. Using REDDIT:  In REDDIT there is a playlist called subreddit. This can host one composition every month. This is chosen as the best playlist which has been created within one single theme. Another way is one can simply upload for this subreddit. This helps in bringing the power of ranking algorithm of Reddit to Spotify playlist.

4. Exchanging the playlist: First, join the Spotify community. Using the username and password given for the Spotify login to the profile. After logging in try to post your playlist in the Spotify playlist Exchange. Here it is important to give a brief description of an information about the genre. This will help other users to understand the genre of the playlist. Along with that, it is better to give details about the reason behind your playlist creation and when this will get updated. Then do not forget to tag other genres to this. This will help if the users search using playlist exchange for music. Keep rating the playlists which are submitted by others. When commenting on other playlists, do not forget to attach your playlist and request them to follow it and encourage their lists as well.

5. Collaborating with other curators: It is also important to collaborate with playlist makers who have already succeeded and are very popular. Some of them are Indiemono, Filter, Playlist Pump, and Promotions. Always plan to create playlists which are beneficial mutually. This can be done by making use of platforms. These ideas can bring high ranks, especially on Spotify searches. Along with playlist idea always send propositions through websites or emails. Always advertise yourself as a curator who is ready to work within the deadline and can perform professional work.

6. Connecting with artists: Each and every artist and band look for getting their music on some playlists. So, always try to connect with them and ask them to share your work on their fan list. Even if you do not know them personally there are ways through which you can connect with them. Either try with their management team or connect with them through Twitter. In case if they re-tweet then share a link with them.

7. Making use of influences and blogs: Always search for musical bloggers and try connecting with them. Try to work with them on collaboration. Ask them to post something on their blog and share the playlist to their fan list. Famebit is the best way to connect with influencers. This is free and easy to sign up. It is possible to meet the tastemakers all over the world through this who usually post on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook on daily basis. It is also a great idea to create your own blog on weekly basis. Always try to keep it fresh using new music and add playlists to this as links.

8. Using Spotify codes: Use Spotify codes to make the playlists more shareable. It is possible to scan this code and hence get your followers and friends to do so. They can just scan this in their phone and through that play the music. There will be ellipsis menu through which it is possible to click the code. The playlist code is attached to the bottom of a playlist artwork. Once this is done save this to the camera and then start sharing the code. It is also possible to screenshot or upload the photo of the playlist code. This can be shared via Instagram to your followers.

9. Create new playlists: Always be active and keep creating new playlists. Always look for the genre and mood of the music lovers. Create playlists based on popular artists, your taste, and taste of your fans. Even though you prepare playlists using work of other artists it is possible to keep it original. Use unique themes which are created by you when creating the playlists.

10. Use a Music Promotion Agency to boost your Spotify Plays. MusicPromotionCorp offers different packages that will promote your music to millions of people, but also playlist placement into over 1000 Playlists. Don’t lose more time and start promoting yourself like a PRO!

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