It is said that video will be the future for content marketing. YouTube today has over a billion visitors in a month. After Google, this is the largest search engine today. It is possible to gain the highest number of audience through videos than any other type of content. This is the reason one must always give the highest priority for video promotion in their content marketing strategy.
When it comes to satisfying user’s entertainment needs as well as information needs video can become the key means on the internet. So, all the businesses must think of YouTube promotion in their online marketing strategy. There are many tips using which one can promote their video online.

Here are 10 tips to promote your YouTube Channel:

Optimize your YouTube Channel:

It is very important to optimize your profile on YouTube. This makes the users find your channel easily on YouTube. So, it becomes easy to represent the brand. Users feel easier to watch the content on the channel and even browsing gets simplified.

Complete your Profile:

This may look obvious for many users. But this is very important. People should not neglect to complete their profile. Do no forget to add all the available social media accounts to the YouTube channel. The channel description must be engaging. There must be some information on how to contact you and how can they do business with you.


After adding all the necessary information and links, start working on improving the appearance of the channel and branding the channel. The branding of a YouTube channel can play a major role since it represents your business on YouTube. Try to stand out from all the other competitors and try to give a personality to your channel.
Some of the graphics which must be personalized in YouTube channel are watermarks on the video, channel banner, channel thumbnail, outro and intro of the video, and custom thumbnails if any.

Optimizing the content:

This is very important because when a new user visits the channel, they should easily understand the purpose of your channel. So, categorizing videos is the one thing which can help new viewers. Other things can be giving the best titles and creating playlists.


One must aim to create informative, entertaining, interesting, and high-quality videos. If the videos produced are just like any other sales pitches, then there is less chance that the channel will grow in future. This is because people are tired of watching advertisements. In case if the business or channel promotions about selling some products, then aim to create informative videos regarding this. How to clean the product? how to use it, and how to maintain it.

Video must benefit the business:

Even though you make the best quality video there is no guarantee that the business gest benefited by those videos. This is the reason one must aim for potential customers through their videos. There must be a call to action or subscribe to the channel at the end of each video. It can also be a request to visit the website.

Optimize the video:

It is also important that one look at all the aspects of the video. For example, the title must be very attractive. Try to use the main keyword in the title. But remember that title cannot be more than 50 characters. Other than this, one can think of creating a customized thumbnail for their video. Through this, it becomes easy to attract YouTube users. Users must always spend time writing a rich description which can really help to get the traffic.

Share your content:

If you are new to YouTube promotion then, it is better to share the videos and channel with the existing customers, friends, and family. After doing this request them to share this with their friends. People who already know you and your products will definitely share your channel. Through this, it is possible to achieve initial momentum required.

Use social media:

Other best way of promotion can be through social media. Use Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit account profiles to share your videos. Always think and do some research about finding out where your target audience exists and based on this start posting the videos.


It is very important to collaborate with others when promoting a business. Try to create a special video with other YouTuber so that through which all at once you can bring all his traffic to your channel. Along with this, one can also think about collaborating with others who are out of YouTube as well.

Interacting with the audience:

Just by dumping some best videos on YouTube it is not possible to promote the channel. Try to blast them on all the social media accounts which you have. Request users to leave some comments and interact with them by asking questions. So, by using all these tactics it is possible to bring some traffic to your YouTube channel. But one must have patience when doing this. They must try every day and every minute till they get enough viewers.

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