There are many music fans all over the world that appreciate the albums that come out every year, but the truth is that there are also many incredible mixtapes that fans enjoy, as well. Some of the most famous musicians in the game have utilized mixtapes to take their career to the next level. Multi-platinum rappers like 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne have put out many mixtapes over the years, and there is still a demand for quality mixtape sites.

How do you know what mixtape download sites to trust? You might want to make sure that the websites are safe and secure, and don’t share your personal information. Also, what’s the point of mixtape sites if they don’t have the selection that you are looking for?

Which mixtape download sites are easiest to navigate? Here is a list of ten mixtape websites that you should be familiar with, if you are a true mixtape fan. Of course, you can also use this list of mixtape download sites as a resource if you are involved in the music industry – whether you’re an artist, marketer, or executive.

One of the steps that many artists should take is to find out that kind of mixtapes are most successful on a specific mixtape website. For example, you might find that a mixtape website is better suited for you if you are a producer releasing an instrumental tape because you found out that many producers are doing well on that particular platform.

You may want to ask or contact fellow producers for their advice, and you should do the same whether you are a SoundCloud rapper, trap rapper, or otherwise. It’s important to recognize that different mixtape websites have specific niches, where these projects do particularly well.

Artists should also understand trends as much as possible. Mixtapes have existed for decades, and you might find that a mixtape website may have “credibility” but is losing steam in terms of website traffic. It might be better to focus on a mixtape website that is getting many more listeners in this case, because it means that more people will be exposed to your music. Ideally, you will be submitting to as many mixtape websites as possible.

However, if a choice has to be made – go with the mixtape websites that are “on the rise”, rather than one that was popular a while ago.

Some mixtape websites might offer more convenience than others, or offer a much more wide selection. It can take some research, but you may want to figure out what users think about the mixtape websites, as well.

If you are serious about music marketing, you may even want to check social media and music forums to find out about which mixtape websites are more frustrating than others. You may want to avoid these particular mixtape websites as a result.

Of course, artists should go out of their way to try to promote their mixtape on their own. One of the best things that an artist can do is to develop an e-mail list of their own so that they can speak directly to fans.

This could prove extremely important in the future, as you may be able to build a list of thousands of fans and update them about anything from your music, to your life, to merchandise, or new business ventures. It might take some extra work – but it can go a long way towards increasing your revenue as an independent artist.

Music Promotion Corp offers some incredible packages when it comes to mixtape website promotion, but doing a lot of groundwork can go a long way!


 If you were to create a comprehensive list of hip-hop mixtape download sites, there’s a good chance that Datpiff would lead that list. There’s a reason for this – it’s been around forever, so it has a kind of invaluable credibility to hip-hop fans that is extremely difficult to replicate. The platform was launched in 2005, and there are many different mobile applications available.

If you’re an artist that is interested in uploading your music to mixtape websites, you can choose to register on Datpiff as an “artist” instead of as a fan. It should be noted that registered users can download free mixtapes, but there is a limited download of non-sponsored mixtapes that a user can download within a day. Either way, Datpiff is one of most popular mixtape websites in the world.



 HipHopDX is known for reporting on hip-hop news, and also offers some incredible content in the form of exclusive interviews and mixtape reviews. As a result, it’s not always considered a resource for a mixtape download, but it’s a great sign for any artist if you can get featured on HipHopDX.

The website has won many awards since it launched in 1999, and it has existed for much longer than many other mixtape download sites. For example, HipHopDX won the “best online hip hop site” award at the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2011. The website also regularly ranks rappers and albums.


Many mixtape download sites have been around for years, and some have even been around for a decade. As a result, they might be used to getting consistent traffic – but they don’t concentrate on putting out new mixtapes every month. One of the reasons why LiveMixtapes is one of the most-visited hip hop mixtape download sites is because they actually go out of their way to update the website every day.

The site is home to thousands of mixtapes that can prove useful to fans and artists, as well. If you are an artist hoping to create some music using existing instrumentals, Livemixtapes is one of the mixtape download sites where you can find many instrumental mixtapes. You can search for a specific mixtape by artist, DJ, or even track!


Many people view DJ Booth as a hip-hop journalist website, and it’s home to some of the most well-known rap critics and writers in the world. There is an area of the website that allows for free downloads, as well, which is why it is often added to many lists of mixtape download sites.

There are also many resources for artists as well – such as music resources for DJs, producers, and more. The website also enjoys a massive social media presence, as well. The site is also well-known for its reviews, editorials, and interviews.


 If we are talking about mixtape download sites, we have to talk about MixTape Factory. It’s a great place for fans to find mixtapes that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere, and there’s also a lot of reasons for artists to join. In fact, the website has recently made it so that artists can actually build a mailing website thanks to the site, which means that they can grow their fanbase!

You can listen and download mixtapes for free, but it’s not just about a mixtape download – users can also upload mixtapes for free. As if all that wasn’t enough, the website has no ads! When you consider that many other hip hop mixtape download sites bombard users constantly with banners and pop-ups: this is a clear advantage.


One of the cool things about DJDownloadz that separates it from other mixtape download sites is the fact that it offers much more than hip-hop: you can download music from many other genres. If you are looking for a reggaeton mixtape download, or some UK mixtapes – they have you covered.

The mixtape download site has been active since 2005, and has maintained its popularity for some time now. It’s a great platform for DJs and artists to get noticed and discovered, and you can often find the website on lists of the best mixtape websites.


MyMixtapes isn’t just one of the best mixtape download sites out there, it also offers a mobile app, which makes it a convenient choice for many who prefer to listen to music through their smartphone. Artists can also upload their music on the website, as well.

One of the differences between MyMixtapes and other hip hop mixtape download sites is that they also claim to be an “artist incubator”, where artists can learn and grow thanks to input and feedback. You can even choose promotional packages if you are working with a budget, but you can also upload music, and listen to music, for free.


There are many websites that claim to be the best out of hip hop mixtape download sites, but few of them have traffic like HotNewHipHop. The online magazine is based in New York City, which many consider to be the mecca of hip-hop. The website also creates quizzes to entertain visitors, which is why it remains more popular than other mixtape download sites.

HotNewHipHop might have “hip-hop” in the name – but they also cover other genres, fashion trends, and more. HotNewHipHop was launched in 2007, during a time where mixtape download sites were extremely popular. This might be one of the reasons that the website remains so relevant.



Sometimes, it’s clear that there are some hip hop mixtape download sites that got lucky by being at the right place at the right time, but begin to lose momentum. Mixtape Monkey hasn’t been around for decades, but it offers a website that is very easy to navigate and search. You can also subscribe to a newsletter to keep up with new mixtapes, which is a huge advantage over other mixtape sites that don’t offer something similar.


One of the best things about MixtapeMonkey is that it understands the importance of offering tools for artists. You can find very interesting graphic templates on the website, in addition to fonts, mockups, and more.


Spinrilla might not have the name recognition of other mixtape download sites, but it is certainly a force to be reckoned with. There is a Spinrilla mobile app, and it should be noted that Spinrilla is one of the mixtape websites that focus on independent hip-hop specifically. The layout is easy to navigate, and users can choose to find specific singles and videos that they are looking for.

Spinrilla might offer a lot as far as mixtape download sites go, but they also sell their own merchandise, as well! You can also check the charts to figure out what music is popular in terms of hip hop mixtape download sites, as well. If you ask many hip-hop fans, they might tell you that Spinrilla is one of the best mixtape sites in the world.


We all know that technology has allowed people to listen to mixtapes wherever and whenever they want – whether it’s during their commute, while they are at the gym, or even waiting in line at the local coffeeshop. Many people want to know about mixtape websites to find songs that they haven’t heard in years, but they aren’t sure about which mixtape download websites to trust. This list offers examples of mixtape websites that are established and have a wide range of selection.

Some of the biggest artists in the world still rely on mixtapes to help strengthen their fanbase, and other artists even use it to drop music before a new album as a promotional tool. Some of these websites are geared more towards helping artists than others, and artists should weigh the pros and cons before making a decision about mixtape sites. Either way, it’s clear that the mixtape, even in 2020, isn’t going anywhere.


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