Knowing how to boost your Spotify music is becoming a huge deal in today’s music industry.

Spotify artist promotion is a useful tool for musicians that are trying to break through in this highly competitive field.

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Every artist wants to be on a major official Spotify playlist and get thousands of new plays.

Unsurprisingly, a greater amount of Spotify plays comes as a result of being included on a playlist.

Mastering Spotify is crucial if you want to build a vibrant fanbase as it is the predominant streaming service.


                                                                Here Are 10 Best Ways To Boost Your Spotify Plays


1. Attaining fame on Spotify is possible but it is not easy. The platform is definitely empowering for aspiring musicians, singers, songwriters, composers and producers but it is also a fiercely competitive space.

Artists should have a well-planned strategy to promote their creations on the platform. One of the basic requisites at the outset is the Spotify boost. Ideally, artists should boost Spotify plays and followers, eventually likes, comments and reposts. But one must start with Spotify plays booster. One cannot gain a substantial following without enough plays. This guide shall shed light on many aspects of how to boost plays on Spotify.

2. One way to increase Spotify plays is to create a playlist. Users are accustomed to playlists on the platform. Fans are looking for relevant playlists that have great songs of the genre they love.

Playlists are not always curated as per genres but also the popularity of songs. An artist should find a way to boost Spotify plays by creating a playlist or by getting a song placed on an existing playlist. New playlists are created all the time and these can boost Spotify streams. The playlist remains a common and effective Spotify play booster.

3. A smart way for artists to boost Spotify popularity is to get playlists exchanged and shared. All artists are looking for more plays. Many are willing to share playlists of others for reciprocity. Find such artists, collaborate with them and there are enough options at your disposal. Artists can come together and share the playlists of one another. This is a great organic Spotify promotion.

Artists may also come together and create playlists of their songs. Such a playlist may feature two or more artists and their songs. The collective following of these artists can be reached out to with this playlist. Spotify playlist placement will help you a lot. There will be a spillover effect as well. Since more people will come to know of such a playlist, the songs featured on it will get more plays, thus benefitting all the artists who have collaborated for the initiative.

4. Advertising is definitely one of the answers to how to boost plays on Spotify. There are multiple mediums to advertise songs and albums. Social networks are a fitting start. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other relevant streaming platforms can be explored.

The likes of YouTube cannot be dismissed as they have millions of users active at any given point in time. Search engines may not be the right place to advertise for songs uploaded to Spotify but there can be targeted ad placements for specific websites. Geo-targeting makes it easy to reach out to present and potential users of Spotify.

5. Online advertising is effective and relevant but so is offline advertising. Any kind of exposure through which a particular song or album can be plugged and a larger audience can be reached out to is desirable. Spotify promotion can help you achieve the fame you always wanted. 

Many artists use popular hotspots in the real world to promote music on Spotify. There are cafes, bars and other public hotspots that can be a suitable setting to launch a campaign.

There can be a significant Spotify boost almost immediately if such campaigns are planned well. Popular public places usually have wireless internet so if Spotify users come across a promo and want to check out a song, they can do so immediately, while still enjoying their beverage and snacks.

6. Playlisting sites are a useful resource. The likes of Sound Plate and can enable artists to plug their featured songs. Playlists can be promoted using such networks. Curators do play an influential role in determining what eventually goes up and gets promoted but the avenues are worth exploring. You can see more about Spotify Playlist Placement and learn how to go viral.

Spotify Playlists that have stringent curators often have a dedicated following and fans love compositions that are of distinct quality. If your music can stand out then trying to get featured on stringently curated playlists is definitely a smart move.

7. There are some dedicated online communities that can play a phenomenal role as a Spotify plays booster. Think of communities like Reddit. There are many playlists on the platform. There are groups dedicated to celebrating specific genres.

Having a presence on such a platform and engaging with an active community can boost Spotify streams. Sharing a link and then redirecting traffic can increase Spotify plays almost immediately when a chosen group is active in real-time. Securing Spotify boost is not as hard as it may seem, especially if the avenues are explored and utilized properly.

8. It is imperative for artists to connect with fellow musicians, singers, bands and producers. Likewise, it is necessary to connect with the target audience to boost Spotify popularity. An artist who engages with the existing following will inevitably draw more people towards their profile and people too will spread the word around. Fans these days want to interact with artists they love.

This has been one of the most significant changes ever since social media became a phenomenon. Artists are no longer confined to concerts to get in direct contact with fans. Spotify enables artists and users to engage through comments. There are other social media platforms wherein an artist can engage with the target audience and grow their following. This will have a spillover effect on the following on Spotify.

9. Artists must leverage the power of influencers on social media and elsewhere to increase Spotify plays. If an influencer shares a post or endorses a particular song or profile on Spotify, this will lead many users to check out the track or account. Influencer marketing and hence endorsement is one of the more effective ways to boost Spotify streams.

10. Codes can serve as Spotify plays a booster. Spotify codes make playlists easily shareable. More users are likely to share playlists if they can do so conveniently by scanning the code. Followers want easy engagement.

The easier it is for them to access music, engage and spread the word, the more active they will be.

Finally, artists need Spotify paid promotion.  An easy way to increase Spotify plays is to buy a few or many so there is a ripple effect. Artists should seriously consider buying followers to boost Spotify popularity. A promotional service can be a real Spotify plays booster.

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