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We’ve been striving for the past 15 years to provide the Best Music Promotion Services for thousands of artists. Every creator’s goal is to have their music heard by a large audience. We will make it easier for you to build a solid legit foundation of followers and subscribers and have your music heard worldwide.

You can easily choose from our social media promotion packages covering all the main networks relevant in promoting artists. Promote your work to your target audience through YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. We will do the hard work necessary to consolidate an audience of real people, with real accounts and following the rules of each individual social network.

We know that in today’s world, every artist must build a strong social media branding and constantly work on optimizing it. This is where our experience comes to help you reach the trending lists, and gain new followers, and plays.

Through our experience working with more than 10,000 clients so far, we have honed our skills to be able to offer fast and reliable services at a very competitive price.

We take your privacy very seriously, and we also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our services. But that hasn’t happened so far.
When purchasing a package, you can check out with one of the several secured methods available (PayPal, 2CheckOut, all major Credit Cards/Debit Cards)

With free music promotion efforts and also paid services from experts in the market you too can shine among your peers and get your music heard by an increasing number of fans, and also get noticed in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy music promotion services?
Any artist is faced with the challenge of promoting their music and reaching their audience. While your main focus should remain to produce great music for people to enjoy, you must also use all the tools available in the online environment. It has never been so easy and cost effective as now to have your music heard by millions of fans worldwide. You can upload your music on SoundCloud, or upload videos on Youtube and use Facebook’s powerful tools to promote your work. In this sense, you will be more like a mini record label. This will give you the opportunity and also the responsibility of managing and creating your own team and environment to build a strong fan base.
What kind of music promotion services do you offer?

We offer music promotion services on all types of platforms relevant to this industry such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube and many more.

What platforms should I use to promote my music and grow my fan base?
There are many ways to promote your music and new venues open new opportunities to live your passion. Make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and events in the music industry. To start we recommend you to put your music on the major platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.
Should I promote my music on Social Media?
Definitely yes! You should promote Your Music on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is an essential part of your success these days. Whether you’re sharing your blog posts, your website, your music or even your music videos, it’s essential that you have some form of social media presence. Some of the best include Facebook and Instagram, but you may want to consider platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. This will probably be the most popular way for you to connect with your audience and fans and industry peers.
Why Should I promote my music on the radio?

You may think online radio is dead, but it’s far from the truth. Websites and platforms such as Pandora, are more popular than ever before and it’s a great place to get your music played out there to audiences that you might not have been able to reach in the past. We also recommend using our radio service fora start.

Why should I promote my music on YouTube?
Your presence on YouTube crucial, and it is important for you as an artist get your music on this platform and share your music to the masses. YouTube is still the number one music streaming website on the internet, and this is why it is important to be active on it, but you must also consider all the other streaming platforms available. New listeners will be able to find your music and it’s also a great place to host your music so it can be shared by your existing fans easily. Make use of relevant tags when you upload, so people can find your work more easily. You can try our organic youtube promotion and get viral music promotion now.
Why should I promote my music on SoundCloud?

We offer the best SoundCloud music promotion services on the market. Famous artists, major record labels, and music fans alike use SoundCloud due to its popularity and its features. It’s free to set up an account, and you will have premium options to promote your music even further allowing more downloads and higher visibility. This music streaming platform, loved by fans and internet users from around the world in the best place to publish and promote your music.

Why should I promote my music on Spotify?

There are a TON of online music streaming websites online. Some of the biggest include Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, among many others. When your songs are played on these popular websites, you will earn royalties from each play, and also new followers and a convenient way to promote your tours. You can try our Organic Spotify Promotion and get your music to a new level.

Whatever genre you are active in, music promotion is a key factor in your success, and the only way to get to a higher level where you get famous. When you are a rising star, it usually starts with your own promotion in your hometown and then you will grow your audience and a strong and loyal following. Once you are ready for a national or international level, professional promotion services will take you and your work to that level.

All You Need To Know About Music Promotion in 2019!


    Music promotion is becoming more challenging by the day. The fierce competition has become daunting and it is no longer just about the quality of music or the composition. Effective music promotion is helping relatively average quality works to go viral whereas superior compositions are not generating enough traction. This is truly the age of marketing and hence you cannot expect your composition to gather steam on its own unless it is spectacularly unique and people take an instant liking to it. Gone are those days when a gem may remain unexplored only to be discovered sometime in the future. There is so much content being produced around the world and shared every day that older works will inevitably get drowned by new creations.

Develop a Music Promotion Strategy

    Music promotion cannot be random. Any approach cannot be truncated either. Sporadic attempts at reaching out to more people will not help. Some unplanned moves may help. It is necessary to not have everything scripted down to the minutest intervention but there should be a strategy to dictate the overall approach to music promotion.

    It is imperative to consider an omnichannel music promotion strategy. It is not sufficient to use any one platform, such as Spotify or SoundCloud and even YouTube for that matter. It is a prerequisite to use YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Radio if the music promotion strategy has to be effective. The imperativeness of an omnichannel strategy demands professional music promotion services. Unless an individual or a group has reasonable outreach already and they can harness that popularity to take the leap onto the larger stage, one will require music promotion companies to chart the course and help in the quest.

    There is no dearth of music promotion companies but the specialization has to be the most important criteria. Not all music promotion services are relevant in this era of social media. There are some music promotion companies still heavily reliant on traditional mediums. There are innumerable music promotion services that specialize in any one or a few platforms. You need both paid for and free music promotion on traditional and contemporary platforms. It is unwise to dismiss radio. It is definitely impractical to not use all the major social media sites, streaming services, and other virtual platforms.

Aim for Viral Music Promotion

    Every music promotion tactic cannot have the same objective. Some tactics should be used to accomplish immediate goals. A few tactics should be perennial for a sustained long-term impact. Likewise, there should be some attempts to help productions or compositions go viral. It is indeed possible to plan a viral music promotion. Creators often conceive the content with the intention of going viral with a post, story or production. Music promotion should be approached in this manner in a few instances.

    Viral music promotion is necessary for more reasons than one. Instant popularity is definitely a benefit of a song, composition or production gone viral. There is a ripple effect of such popularity. It is true that not every creator of viral content attains lasting fame but the impetus one needs at the time can be easily achieved. Then one can have the sustained music promotion strategy kick in to keep growing the audience and to strengthen the engagement.

    Music promotion companies are not always experts in viral marketing. You have to specifically choose viral music promotion services. Music Promotion Corp offers you a plethora of music promotion services cutting across platforms. You can explore music promotion on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. You can also use Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, and Radio. There are packages. You may choose the kind of music promotion services that are relevant for you at the moment. You can go for viral music promotion and sustained strategies that will continue to boost your popularity. 

Explore Quantifiable Music Promotion Services

    One of the major criticisms of social media marketing and promotion has been the lack of measurable factors. Many tactics of music promotion do not have any quantifiable outcomes. Such approaches are essentially futile since one cannot figure out if there is any positive influence on the brand, popularity or fame of an artist. Music Promotion Corp specializes in quantifiable music promotion. Every package there has measurable outcomes as the objective. No artist should ever consider any type of music promotion services that do not have quantifiable outcomes.

    MusicPromotionCorp has data-driven music promotion services. Even the free music promotion such as generating more views or getting a few likes should be vetted with hard facts. It is not easy to plan music promotion for free but there are some ways to get more exposure and exert improved influence. Music promotion companies that do not work on quantifiable outcomes and fail to use all the channels or mediums are ineffective in this age. Artists should only consider those who specialize in the mediums and the kinds of tactics that are necessary to generate momentum today.

Affordable and Genuine Music Promotion Services

    Artists should also bear in mind the quintessential elements of affordability and actuality. Perennial or viral music promotion should not cost a small fortune. The tactics should not be dependent on bots and fake impetus. The best music promotion services will get you, real followers, like from active profiles and views from high-quality users who have some influence on different platforms. It is futile to get bots to increase the following, views, plays or likes. There is hardly any impact on the actual following. Also, fake followers do not help artists interact with the real audience and hence there is no mechanism to generate genuine feedback.

    2019 will be the year when most social media platforms will become more stringent with bots. Major sites have already begun a crackdown on fake profiles. Following is taking a hit, there is shadow banning on some sites and suspicious activities are being constantly monitored. Any attempt to sustained or viral music promotion that is powered by fake profiles or bots will likely backfire. Steer clear of such music promotion services and chart your way forward using genuine strategies.

Live gigs and tours

You can’t always depend on the internet. Create a fan base at your locality, town or city by doing more shows. Live shows are the most effective way to interact with your audience and get genuine feedback. You can introduce your new songs in these live shows. Talk about how you feel about them, and truly connect with your fans at a more personal level. Don’t be concerned about how small or big the crowd is. Make an impact at the live shows, and you will be remembered.

Engage your families and friends

This is one free music promotion tip you need. It has to start somewhere, and the best place would be to ask your friends and families to help you. Invite them to your gigs and live shows, or have them spread your music.


It could come as a surprise; even solo artists have his/her team who works together to promote their music. Unless you are confident that you can do it alone (not recommended), you need a group of like-minded people who’d have your back both mentally and physically. Music Promotion requires different strategies and approaches, and keeping track of all the minute things can be very strenuous. You need people to share those tasks. Work division would give you a more efficient outcome.

Make the optimum use of Social Media Outlets

There are many stories about celebrity artists who started off doing cover songs on Youtube. Justin Beiber, Shawn Mendes, and Alessia Clara came into the limelight after their videos went viral. These are just some of the few instances of how things took a turn. Try to maintain an engaging social media account. Be consistent, and keep your fans well informed about all your important events.


Music Video

Music-Video plays an indispensable part in promoting music. You should invest as much time, effort and creativity in your music video as you do in your song. The visual effect can enhance the way people perceive your song. Besides, as mentioned earlier you could be the next big thing with countless viewers subscribing to your YouTube channel.
For a cheap and effective music video you can follow these steps:

  • Have a well thought out plan. Preparation is necessary.
  • Engage your near and dear ones to help you with your project.
  • Avoid shooting in different locations.
  • Instead, stick to one and make it count.


Social media outlets- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., can help you get your music across. Having these accounts are good, but they are not always reliable. You need your website, including a mailing address which can give your audience a more reliable source to keep track of you. It helps you deal at a more professional level. You can keep your fans updated about your next performance, your new album or video. You can also relay information about how they can get hold of your concert tickets and get to meet you.

Getting Published

Whether it be magazines, niche blogs or webzines, it is always good to get your music reviewed and published. It will boost your credentials as a professional artist. Don’t worry if you don’t have the money to make huge investments for national tours, or get extensive media coverage. Music blog is an effective medium to let the audience know about the kind of music you are creating. If you are aiming to go after certain blogs to have your music published, make sure you do your research on them first; getting your music to the right people who can capitalize on your work is the key.

Streaming Music

Currently, many upcoming independent artists are making huge profits. Whether concerning revenue income or finding an audience, making your music available in one of these music giants like SpotifyApple Music, and Pandora can increase your chances of getting that traction you need. However, getting your songs on these streaming platforms is just the first step. It is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of hard work involved.  Your music should be good. You need a good strategy and overall, thorough research. Things to take into consideration:

  1. Avoid going after “guaranteed” streams and “guaranteed” playlist placements
  2. You are not allowed to stream your music on repeat. Your music will potentially be removed if you try to boost your play counts using this method. That being said you are allowed to listen to your songs. It is however not advisable to keep your music on loop for two-three days right after its release.

Perform together with other artist or band

It is always a good idea to collaborate with other artists and groups.  Keep in mind to work together with artists whose fans would like your style of music too. Doing a cover song for YouTube or performing together at events; there are so many things you could do.

Get to know who is listening to you

As an artist, it is essential to understand who your audiences are. Being aware of the type of fan following you have can make all the difference.  There are various types of music subcultures existing in all the corners of the world; discovering, understanding and taking advantage of your musical niche or community is a crucial element to your music promotion. You can always start off locally. There is a very high possibility that the people of your locality would want to promote a local artist and support you.

Find more About Music Promotion and Paid Music Promotion Services

Viral music promotion is every musician dream. Every independent musician and artist has a common question in their mind “How to Promote Your Music”? Well, internet technology has opened the door of endless opportunities for musicians to promote their music in varied platforms and in different ways. At times this may seem daunting and challenging, but it allows the artists to experiment and let their creativity run wild when it comes to Free Music Promotion online. In today’s music industry the successful way to Promote Music is by trying new creative things, make changes, learn from promotions that you run and fine tune to your career. Below are some of the effective strategies that which you can try online to Promote Your Music and get it viral.

Is Hiring Music Promotion Companies Worthwhile?

Remember, the Promotion Companies for Music doesn’t offer Free Music Promotion services, they are paid services and so charge you for the promotion services of music. So, if you are really in need of promoting your music and get it to go viral, then hire the services of Music Promotion Companies or else you may try the organic methods mentioned above. However, you also need to know the fact that the organic methods would yield results but they are time-consuming and tedious indeed. So, for instant grow and professionally promoting your music it is necessary to seek the assistance of the professional companies for their Music Promotion Services.

If the price is bothering you a lot, then you need to know that the quoted prices can be negotiated. So, ensure to negotiate with the Music Promotion Companies and only pay for the services which are feasible and result oriented. Negotiation is possible and you can negotiate with the company and try to bring the price down within your budget. You need to clearly define your Music Promotion goals to the company prior to hiring their promotional services.

You need to find the company that agrees to accept payment on a performance basis. This is something that will provide you with added incentives so as to meet the goals that you have in your mind. Musicians with a bigger project often need a big push and in such situation, it is always a better move to hire the Music Promotion Services of the professional PR companies. This will help them to achieve success in a short span of time.

But before hiring the services of Music Promotion Companies you need to ensure that they meet the specific needs aptly and provide ultimate Music Promotion services. You need to check if they have experience in promoting other musical acts and events. It would be a bonus for you if they have the experience to Promote Music of your genre. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are paying for the services which would benefit you and your music for the long run. You also need to know exactly what promotion services you are getting before signing any contract with the company

Live Promotion of Music

Everything today getting digital and this has eliminated the value of an age-old person to person interaction and word of mouth marketing. Moreover, creating great music, releasing it, distributing it and promoting it and even playing the music is easier and can be done with the luxury of your home. Just because you can create and release music online doesn’t mean that you should always follow this approach. The age-old person to person interaction still plays a crucial role in the music industry. Live shows give you the chance to make money and perform your music and get a larger fan base. Besides, it also gives you unique Music Marketing opportunities.

If you have released any new album or a song, then it can be promoted easily on this platform. You may let your friends know about the premiering of your latest song prior to its release. Prefer selecting one local gig and convert it into the event. These gigs can also be used to Promote Your Music and grow the fan base in other countries and states. Prefer working with the local bands and propose them a headline swap. You need to be open for them in their hometown and similarly, they will do the same in your hometown. But, ensure to choose the band that specializes in similar musical style.

Using Social Platforms Right Way

The social platform is considered to be the best medium to Promote Music and get viral music promotion. If you are not registered with any social networking platform, then you are missing a very crucial part of your music promotion. Although Social Platform is not the straight up Music Marketing platform, it is the catalyst for word of the mouth and conversation marketing. Above 80% of the posts on social platforms are conversational, funny, and interesting, while the remaining 20% is for promotional purposes.

So, you need to make use of that 20% and create some interesting content to promote on social platforms. You need to keep in mind that social platform is not the only source for promoting music. It sucks huge time for promoting music and becoming successful, especially if you don’t manage the time aptly.

Promoting Music and Selling it On Your Website

Don’t make your website a static thing, instead, you must adapt and change to reflect the new events of your career. You need to create it the way so that your fans don’t get any scope to leave your website without having a look at your events and music. The more you update your website, the more they are likely to stop and explore your music and albums, tickets and merch. If you are new and starting with a new website, then you might not have enough materials and updates to upload on the website. So, what you can do is start blogging which is a great solution to Promote Your Music.

Start blogging on the homepage of the website and plan to post blogs at regular intervals at least twice a week. The blogs need to be inspirational and encourage your fans to explore more music of yours and this is How to Promote Your Music with blogging on the website.

Reaching Out to Music Blogs Online

Simply sharing things with your fan base is not the ultimate way to Promote Music. You also need to reach the larger new audiences and try converting them into your fans. Music blogs are the best way to start with to achieve this goal. There are music-loving bloggers who prefer fresh and new content and cool things. There are many small bloggers that are within your reach as indie artists. Most of the blogs usually have a good niche following and this indicates that if you run your music on those blogs, you are likely to get viral and seen by people who are already like the genre you specialize in.

So, do some research and try to find out the blogs that cover the types of music you specialize in! Try to add some unique stories about your tour, song and mystic album which will help the song to stand out from other musicians. This is the most effective and easy way for Music Marketing through blogs.

Promoting Music with Email

The email list is considered to be the most effective tool to Promote Music and get cheap music promotion. Unlike blogs and collaboration with artists, the email list is about Music Marketing to the current fan base. If someone is signing up for your email list, then this signifies that they are interested to hear from you and hence you need to take this advantage. The emails that you would design and send for marketing needs to be driving and compelling for your fans so that they visit your site for a good exploration of music. So, ensure to include links of your music and site.

The prime usages of the email list are to send emails to your email list and let them know about your music, latest albums, and musical tours. It can also be used to send the fans to your blogs whenever a new content is published or uploaded. But, you need to get fans to sign up for your email list actually so that you can start using it as a Music Marketing tool.

The Other Paid Ways to Promote Music and Get Your Music Go Viral!

You might have created the greatest album of your lifetime. But unfortunately, no one knows about your album. This is something that bothers all the artists when their songs or music goes unnoticed. If you want people to hear your music and get your music go viral then you would require a medium to let them know what is out there. The fastest way to get your music go viral is with Music Promotion Services. The promotion agencies would work for your best interest and ensure that your music album gets the deserve media coverage. The Music Promotion Companies can prove to be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to Promote Your Music and get it viral.

Why Music Promotion Services is Crucial?

Music Promotion is extremely important for promoting music and gets it to go viral online. It is not possible for any musician to get the desired fame without proper promotion of their music. It all starts right from your homeland and the promotion of music grows from there. But, in a bid to Promote your Music at the international and national level you would require the assistance of professional Music Promotion Services. It can be difficult at time to find the right promotion services as there are many that claim to be the best in promoting your music. Being a beginner, it is necessary for you to find ways and think How to Promote Your Music so that it can reach millions of ears and help your music to get viral.

There are professional Music Promotion Services that are helpful for new artists and beginners. These are the best option for beginners who want to Promote Music. They make use of the best and reliable promotional tools and services for best promotional services. They also create promotional strategies that are available in the music industry so as to promote the music successfully.

How Do Music Promotion Companies work to Promote Your Music?

The professional Music Promotion Companies work for the best interest of the musicians and artists. They are the professional marketers that can Promote Music successfully and get viral music promotion. They look after all the activities related to your latest releases, music, your interviews, and press releases. They implement revolutionary and result in oriented techniques and by using their brand building expertise they successful promote the music of musicians and get it to go viral successfully. The professionals from the company also do social media marketing for your music and connect you to the world through incomparable network leading to media contacts.

The Music Promotion Companies work to create the versatile platform for the musicians and help them launch new songs and albums successfully in the music industry. To enjoy all these benefits for Music Promotion, you need to hire the best promotion company for your music.

Bottom Line!

When you are determining a budget for your Music Promotion, you need to bear in mind that no legitimate or experienced company in the music world would ask the musicians to pay for featuring their music on a computer or in a video or any other relevant sources. It is just like the proverbial photo shoot where the models are charged overly to take the portfolio photos for not let them work again. So, it is necessary for you to know what exactly you are getting when you are paying money to Promote Your Music.

Besides, you also need to know how the professional Music Promotion Companies work and what techniques they are using to promote your music. You need to ensure that the company you have selected is expert in the genre you specialize in and know the best methods to Promote Music of your genre. Check these things prior entrusting the job to a PR company for the promotion of your music.

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