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We’ve been striving for the past 15 years to provide the Best Music Promotion Services for thousands of artists. Every creator’s goal is to have their music heard by a large audience. We will make it easier for you to build a solid legit foundation of followers and subscribers and have your music heard worldwide.

You can easily choose from our social media promotion packages covering all the main networks relevant in promoting artists. Promote your work to your target audience through YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. We will do the hard work necessary to consolidate an audience of real people, with real accounts and following the rules of each individual social network.

We know that in today’s world, every artist must build a strong social media branding and constantly work on optimizing it. This is where our experience comes to help you reach the trending lists, and gain new followers, and plays.

Through our experience working with more than 10,000 clients so far, we have honed our skills to be able to offer fast and reliable services at a very competitive price.

We take your privacy very seriously, and we also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our services. But that hasn’t happened so far.
When purchasing a package, you can check out with one of the several secured methods available (PayPal, 2CheckOut, all major Credit Cards/Debit Cards)

With free music promotion efforts and also paid services from experts in the market you too can shine among your peers and get your music heard by an increasing number of fans, and also get noticed in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy music promotion services?
Any artist is faced with the challenge of promoting their music and reaching their audience. While your main focus should remain to produce great music for people to enjoy, you must also use all the tools available in the online environment. It has never been so easy and cost effective as now to have your music heard by millions of fans worldwide. You can upload your music on SoundCloud, or upload videos on Youtube and use Facebook’s powerful tools to promote your work. In this sense, you will be more like a mini record label. This will give you the opportunity and also the responsibility of managing and creating your own team and environment to build a strong fan base.
What kind of music promotion services do you offer?

We offer music promotion services on all types of platforms relevant to this industry such as SoundCloud promotion, Spotify promotion, YouTube promotionand many more.

What platforms should I use to promote my music and grow my fan base?
There are many ways to promote your music and new venues open new opportunities to live your passion. Make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and events in the music industry. To start we recommend you to put your music on the major platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.
Should I promote my music on Social Media?
Definitely yes! You should promote Your Music on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is an essential part of your success these days. Whether you’re sharing your blog posts, your website, your music or even your music videos, it’s essential that you have some form of social media presence. Some of the best include Facebook and Instagram, but you may want to consider platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. This will probably be the most popular way for you to connect with your audience and fans and industry peers.
Why Should I promote my music on the radio?
You may think online radio is dead, but it’s far from the truth. Websites and platforms such as Pandora, are more popular than ever before and it’s a great place to get your music played out there to audiences that you might not have been able to reach in the past. We also recommend using our radio service fora start.
Why should I promote my music on YouTube?
Your presence on YouTube crucial, and it is important for you as an artist get your music on this platform and share your music to the masses. YouTube is still the number one music streaming website on the internet, and this is why it is important to be active on it, but you must also consider all the other streaming platforms available. New listeners will be able to find your music and it’s also a great place to host your music so it can be shared by your existing fans easily. Make use of relevant tags when you upload, so people can find your work more easily. You can try our organic youtube promotion and get viral music promotion now.
Why should I promote my music on SoundCloud?
We offer the best SoundCloud music promotion services on the market. Famous artists, major record labels, and music fans alike use SoundCloud due to its popularity and its features. It’s free to set up an account, and you will have premium options to promote your music even further allowing more downloads and higher visibility. This music streaming platform, loved by fans and internet users from around the world in the best place to publish and promote your music.
Why should I promote my music on Spotify?
There are a TON of online music streaming websites online. Some of the biggest include Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, among many others. When your songs are played on these popular websites, you will earn royalties from each play, and also new followers and a convenient way to promote your tours. You can try our Organic Spotify Promotion and get your music to a new level.

Whatever genre you are active in, music promotion is a key factor in your success, and the only way to get to a higher level where you get famous. When you are a rising star, it usually starts with your own promotion in your hometown and then you will grow your audience and a strong and loyal following. Once you are ready for a national or international level, professional promotion services will take you and your work to that level.

All You Need To Know About Music Promotion in 2020!


    Music promotion is becoming more challenging by the day. The fierce competition has become daunting and it is no longer just about the quality of music or the composition. Effective music promotion is helping relatively average quality works to go viral whereas superior compositions are not generating enough traction. This is truly the age of marketing and hence you cannot expect your composition to gather steam on its own unless it is spectacularly unique and people take an instant liking to it. Gone are those days when a gem may remain unexplored only to be discovered sometime in the future. There is so much content being produced around the world and shared every day that older works will inevitably get drowned by new creations.

Develop a Music Promotion Strategy

    Music promotion cannot be random. Any approach cannot be truncated either. Sporadic attempts at reaching out to more people will not help. Some unplanned moves may help. It is necessary to not have everything scripted down to the minutest intervention but there should be a strategy to dictate the overall approach to music promotion.

    It is imperative to consider an omnichannel music promotion strategy. It is not sufficient to use any one platform, such as Spotify or SoundCloud and even YouTube for that matter. It is a prerequisite to use YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Radio if the music promotion strategy has to be effective. The imperativeness of an omnichannel strategy demands professional music promotion services. Unless an individual or a group has reasonable outreach already and they can harness that popularity to take the leap onto the larger stage, one will require music promotion companies to chart the course and help in the quest. One of our best services is Spotify promotion.

    There is no dearth of music promotion companies but the specialization has to be the most important criteria. Not all music promotion services are relevant in this era of social media. There are some music promotion companies still heavily reliant on traditional mediums. There are innumerable music promotion services that specialize in any one or a few platforms. You need both paid for and free music promotion on traditional and contemporary platforms. It is unwise to dismiss radio. It is definitely impractical to not use all the major social media sites, streaming services, and other virtual platforms.

Aim for Viral Music Promotion

    Every music promotion tactic cannot have the same objective. Some tactics should be used to accomplish immediate goals. A few tactics should be perennial for a sustained long-term impact. Likewise, there should be some attempts to help productions or compositions go viral. It is indeed possible to plan a viral music promotion. Creators often conceive the content with the intention of going viral with a post, story or production. Music promotion should be approached in this manner in a few instances.

    Viral music promotion is necessary for more reasons than one. Instant popularity is definitely a benefit of a song, composition or production gone viral. There is a ripple effect of such popularity. It is true that not every creator of viral content attains lasting fame but the impetus one needs at the time can be easily achieved. Then one can have the sustained music promotion strategy kick in to keep growing the audience and to strengthen the engagement.

    Music promotion companies are not always experts in viral marketing. You have to specifically choose viral music promotion services. Music Promotion Corp offers you a plethora of music promotion services cutting across platforms. You can explore music promotion on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. You can also use Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, and Radio. There are packages. You may choose the kind of music promotion services that are relevant to you at the moment. You can go for viral music promotion and sustained strategies that will continue to boost your popularity. 

Explore Quantifiable Music Promotion Services

    One of the major criticisms of social media marketing and promotion has been the lack of measurable factors. Many tactics of music promotion do not have any quantifiable outcomes. Such approaches are essentially futile since one cannot figure out if there is any positive influence on the brand, popularity or fame of an artist. Music Promotion Corp specializes in quantifiable music promotion. Every package there has measurable outcomes as the objective. No artist should ever consider any type of music promotion services that do not have quantifiable outcomes.

    MusicPromotionCorp has data-driven music promotion services. Even free music promotion such as generating more views or getting a few likes should be vetted with hard facts. It is not easy to plan music promotion for free but there are some ways to get more exposure and exert improved influence. Music promotion companies that do not work on quantifiable outcomes and fail to use all the channels or mediums are ineffective in this age. Artists should only consider those who specialize in the mediums and the kinds of tactics that are necessary to generate momentum today.

Affordable and Genuine Music Promotion Services

    Artists should also bear in mind the quintessential elements of affordability and actuality. Perennial or viral music promotion should not cost a small fortune. The tactics should not be dependent on bots and fake impetus. The best music promotion services will get you, real followers, like from active profiles and views from high-quality users who have some influence on different platforms. It is futile to get bots to increase the following, views, plays or likes. There is hardly any impact on the actual following. Also, fake followers do not help artists interact with the real audience and hence there is no mechanism to generate genuine feedback.

    2020 will be the year when most social media platforms will become more stringent with bots. Major sites have already begun a crackdown on fake profiles. Following is taking a hit, there is shadow banning on some sites and suspicious activities are being constantly monitored. Any attempt to sustained or viral music promotion that is powered by fake profiles or bots will likely backfire. Steer clear of such music promotion services and chart your way forward using genuine strategies.

How to Promote Your Music and Grow Your Fanbase 

If you would love nothing more than the chance to hit the ground running in the world of music, building a huge fan base and following on all of the major streaming platforms (and iTunes, too) faster than you ever would have thought possible, we are here to help

Unlike a lot of other marketing and promotion agencies out there we here at MusicPromotionCorp focus exclusively on music promotion, with a specific set of skills, tools, and technology options that allow us to help even the newest artists in the world breakthrough, dominate the charts, and become famous in the world of music almost overnight! Sound too good to be true? We get that.

There are a lot of first-time clients thinking about taking advantage of our music promotion services that have heard promises like these before, promises that other companies can’t keep. That’s not going to be your experience here.

Not only do we know exactly how to pull the right strings when it comes to our music promotion services we also have a track record of success that you can independently verify – jumping on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) to see for yourself just how successful our clients are using our promotional solutions.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, to skyrocket your success, and to finally share your music with the world-building an audience and real online celebrity way faster than you probably ever thought possible, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlock (Almost) Instant Success Promoting Your Music

The biggest reason people choose to take advantage of our music promotion services compared to other music promotion companies is our ability to get real results almost immediately.

From the time you place your order for our best music promotion solutions to the time you see results is going to feel like the blink of an eye, with many of our services kicking in immediately and almost all of them delivered inside of 24 to 48 hours.

That means that at the very latest (at the very latest) you could have thousands of fans, thousands of plays, and thousands of new followers on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and all of your social media accounts inside of the next two days – all without having to spend a mountain of money along the way.

This is all thanks to our proprietary promotion services that we have been working on for years and years now, services and solutions that leverage 100% real and 100% organic follows and plays on all of the major streaming platforms and social media accounts to make sure that you never risk your reputation or your results with our solutions.

That’s is one of the reasons why we are considered one of the best music promotion services in the business, and why so many of our clients continue to come back to take advantage of the solutions we offer time and time again!

Cross-Platform Promotion

We recognize that it’s almost impossible to achieve real success in the music industry today unless you are working “cross-platform” – publishing your music on Spotify, on SoundCloud, on iTunes, on terrestrial and satellite radio, on YouTube, and on social media – but we also recognize that it’s almost impossible for busy artists to handle all of this heavy lifting while actually working on their music at the same time.

Luckily though, when you leverage the help of our music promotion services, you get to free up your time, your energy, and your mental bandwidth to focus on your music exclusively while we handle the heavy lifting of promotion for you.

Sick and tired of feeling like you’re always saying “nobody is helping to promote my music” and wishing that you could just get a little bit of an edge, a little bit of an advantage in the most competitive music industry that’s ever existed?

That’s where we come into play!

With our promotional services designed specifically for Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, radio services, and social media (and that’s just barely beginning to scratch the surface of the iceberg) you won’t ever again have to feel like you are behind the eight balls even though you’re putting in so much time, energy, and effort.

On top of that, by turning to our team of the best music promotion experts in the industry today you’re also leapfrogging over any of the results you would have been able to achieve on your own if you are starting from scratch.

We know how to get you, followers, to get you fans, and to get you to play by the bucket full away faster than you ever would have thought possible before – and we can help you do ALL of that without spending a big old pile of money along the way.

Tap Into Playlist Promo Power

Another of the huge advantages our music promotion services offer (and a big piece of the puzzle behind why so many people use our services, to begin with) is that we know how to tap directly into the power of Spotify playlist promotion.

There may not be a faster way to get thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of new plays, new fans, and followers than getting airtime on the most popular and influential playlists Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and more have to offer.

At the same time, because these influential playlists are “kingmakers” in the world of music today they are incredibly competitive and hard to break into if you aren’t already an established artist.

Well, through the networking and connections we’ve built up with some of the more influential independent playlist creators and owners on the major streaming and music platforms today we can help get you on those playlists – supercharging your success, get you a lot of exposure, and helping you reach audiences that you might have had a tough time connecting with in the past.

Best of all, these playlist promotion services simply fold into all of the other music promotion services we offer, building on the success of the solutions we provide and working together to give you the kind of influence and attention in the world of music you deserve.

Making the Most of Social Media

Of course, it’s impossible to have any real success in the world of music (or any other industry, for that matter) without a dedicated social media presence.

Posting content on a regular basis isn’t enough to cut it any longer, and new artists and musicians looking to break into social media always have a tough time simply because they don’t have the followers or fan base that more established artists already enjoy.

Well, there may not be a better way to hit the ground running than by taking advantage of our social media solutions. Designed again to work in conjunction with all of the other music promotion options we provide, you are going to be able to build dedicated social media followings almost immediately – adding thousands if not hundreds of thousands of new followers to your accounts literally in the blink of an eye.

Best of all, like all of our other, promote music services you are always in complete and total control over how these services shake out, how they improve your odds of success, and how they help you create the kind of career in music you have been dreaming of.

You can drip feed hundreds of new followers to your social media day-to-day basis with a low budget, can add thousands or tens of thousands to your social media accounts over a couple of days (to protect your account on these social media platforms) if your budget is a little bigger, more can add hundreds of thousands of followers over a week or more if you’re looking to move forward with a custom order that really gets you attention overnight.

At the end of the day, if you’re ready to hit the ground running with your musical career and want to make sure that people have a chance to hear your music and your art without you having to work on music promotion yourself (instead working on the fun parts of building a musical career) we are here to help.

Here at MusicPromotionCorp, we have already helped thousands of artists with our music promotion services, given them an audience and a fan base that could have taken a lot longer to build up from scratch, and continue to help some movers and shakers in the music industry dominate in a way that would have been tough to do all on their own.

If you’re ready to enjoy the same kind of success, if you’re ready to take the next step and really do something special in the world of music, we are here to help.

Drop us a line, tell us that you’d like us to help you with our best music promotion services, and we will handle the rest of the heavy lifting for you!

Why You Should Use Our Services To Promote Your Music

Every artist needs to promote their music. Online music promotion has to be multifaceted. It cannot be just about one song promotion. The best music promotion services are comprehensive campaigns that boost the outreach, endorsement, and popularity of an artist. The outcome of chosen music promotion packages should be measurable. A major problem of online promotion and especially social media marketing and campaigns on streaming platforms is the spectrum of claims that cannot be vetted. The impact should be measurable and there should be irrefutable statistics or data proving that the objective has been achieved. Music Promotion Corp offers effective online music promotion and the deliverables can be lucidly measured and assessed.

Specialization in Online Music Promotion

Music Promotion Corp specializes in all types of online music promotion. You can avail music promotion services for all major platforms including but not limited to iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram and Facebook, Twitter and Tidal, Shazam, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, Beatport, Deezer, Datpiff, Pandora Music and Audiomack. You can also promote your music on the radio. Most music promotion companies have limited specialization. They do not have expertise in all these platforms. Our forte covering all major streaming services and distribution platforms including the traditional radio makes us a fitting choice if you want to explore multiple mediums. Most artists have a presence on several of these platforms. You can prioritize which platform you want to promote your music on and we have different packages you can choose from. Get free SoundCloud plays just by subscribing to our newsletter, which is a great deal!

Plethora of Music Promotion Services

We have a plethora of music promotion services for every major platform and medium. You can choose the type of music promotion packages you want. For instance, you can buy likes and views using our youtube promotion services. You can get plays on SoundCloud. You can also get subscribers, listeners or followers. You can get shares and reposts. You can get views, likes, and followers on Instagram and Facebook. You can get featured on playlists of iTunes, Spotify and other such platforms including Amazon Music and Google Play Music. You can promote one song or you can boost the outreach of an entire album. You can get hundreds or thousands of plays, likes, and listeners. All these listeners are active users of the selected platforms. These are high-quality profiles. You do not get bots driven plays or likes. There is a steady but quick delivery of all such music promotion services. You can get the plays and likes delivered in twenty-four hours in many cases. Thousands of plays and likes may take longer but the delivery is assured. Our best selling service is  Spotify promotion.

The plethora of online music promotion services we offer ensures you do not have to worry about any aspect of the outreach. You can ensure a comprehensive boost to your popularity with plays, likes and dedicated listeners. You can get fans. Getting songs or albums featured on major playlists and having some trending on the homepage of different platforms can secure phenomenal exposure. Such impacts can immediately change your organic growth and it is possible to go viral with one or more songs. Our music promotion services have provisions for viral campaigns as well. You can choose viral online music promotion to reach out to thousands of new listeners. Some campaigns are designed to be ongoing until your music goes viral on the chosen platform. All the traction you get through our music promotion packages is new listeners and likes from people who are not following you. Hence, this is a completely new outreach and there is a potential of converting such users to your fans. You can get thousands of new sales with our iTunes promotion.

Our Music Promotion Packages are Affordable

Online music promotion does not have to be expensive. There are many music promotion companies that have their packages priced at exorbitant costs. Music Promotion Corp is one of the most affordable music promotion services right now. You can start your online music promotion for as little as five dollars. There are some packages for likes and other services that cost even less. We have reasonable prices as a part of our policy and then we have discounts applicable for nearly all our packages. Some discounts are as huge as seventy-five percent. You can avail music promotion packages worth over a hundred dollars for one-third of the cost and at times for less.

Our music promotion packages are also neatly classified. There are starter plans, bestseller and viral campaigns among others. These plans are designed specifically to address different needs. Not every artist requires a thousand plays immediately. Many artists require a viral online music promotion campaign to get their compositions noticed. We have a fine blend of every type of music promotion services you will need from time to time. Many of our clients choose our online music promotion primarily due to the price, of course, being assured by the guaranteed delivery. Since all our service deliverables are measurable there is no ambiguity as to whether or not the plays, likes, shares, reposts, fans or listeners and followers have been delivered.


Song Promotion on Radio

Music Promotion Corp specializes in radio promotion as well. You can get a song played on a suitable radio station for a day. You can get the song played for five days or even ten days. Radio airplay over a period of ten days can effectively make your music go viral. Song promotion on the radio can be more effective than securing plays and likes on some streaming services. Radio is still a popular mass medium and millions of people tune in every day. There are many dedicated listeners of certain radio stations. Some radio stations are committed to specific genres of music. We can identify the right radio station for your song, given the genre and the type of target audience you have in mind. We can secure radio airplay for your song on one or more stations in the country and around the world. This can have a direct impact on the sales potential of your album.

Free Music Promotion on Streaming Sites

You can avail free music promotion by subscribing to newsletters or by spreading the word around on social media. You can get as many as five hundred plays or likes or subscribers depending on the type of content you are promoting. Subscribing to the newsletters is also beneficial for all our clients as exclusive offers and discounts, special music promotion services and other relevant information can be directly communicated through email. The regular newsletters also enable our clients to stay informed about what is happening in the music industry. Current trends, what competing artists are doing and how various strategies are working across platforms can help you to make informed decisions. You can choose the right kind of music promotion services. You can also find out more about the different music promotion packages from time to time. Free SoundCloud promotion always comes with riders but not when you have it with Music Promotion Corp.

Bespoke Music Promotion Services

Two of the many advantages of choosing Music Promotion Corp are the range of expertise and the sheer gamut of options available to artists. The specialization straddling streaming services, distribution platforms, radio, and social networks ensures you can choose any medium that is more important for your outreach. The multiple music promotion packages you can choose from ensures you can start just the way you want and plan your subsequent steps depending on the outcome. You can get started with starter plans to get plays, views, likes, shares and new listeners. You can get more fans along the way. You can plan viral campaigns after you have tested the starter packs. You can also choose bestseller plans in the interim. The affordability of the music promotion packages and the different outcomes you can aim to effectively make for a bespoke campaign. With our apple music promotion, you get the first sales for your new release. You can customize your strategy as it suits your endgame.

We Provide the Best Music Promotion Services

We provide superior music promotion services compared to other companies. One of the reasons why artists trust our online music promotion is the absolute certainty of delivery. Our Spotify playlist promotion gives musicians the chance to get their tracks in front of millions of people.  If you choose a thousand plays, you will get precisely that and not even one less. If you choose to reach out to ten thousand listeners, then that is what you will get. Viral campaigns are planned and executed to deliver the results. The campaigns don’t stop till your song or music actually goes viral. The same is true for packages designed to get music, a song or an album, featured on playlists. You can always trust on the simple fact that whatever you ask for will be delivered.

Music Promotion Corp is also known for the quality of service. You get real people who have active profiles on selected platforms playing your music or listening to your songs. You get high-quality profiles as your followers. This is in sharp contrast with what many music promotion companies offer. There are many that rely on bots driven plays and likes from users who do not have an active or influential presence on these platforms. Every streaming service or distribution platform you choose will be explored in a safe manner without using any fake or inactive profile and the targeted promotion will ensure relevant outreach to an audience that will actually like the kind of music you produce. Unless the audience is targeted and hence relevant, no online music promotion strategy will yield any sustainable result.

Our music promotion services are safe and reliable!

None of the music promotion packages we offer will get your account suspended or banned. There will be absolutely no suspicion whatsoever. No one gets to know that you are buying plays, likes, followers or other services. Even viral campaigns are planned well to make sure they look organic. We have a stringent privacy policy. No information about the service you choose or any of our correspondence gets shared with a third party. All correspondences are via secured servers and you have to provide only the link to your music for plays and likes or profile in case you want subscribers or followers. You do not have to share the password. Unless the username is necessary to deliver followers, you do not have to provide that information either. Only a link to your song or album shall be enough for us to deliver the music promotion services.

We have the best music promotion services for budding artists!

Our free music promotion gives you an idea of what you can expect. Spreading the word about us on social media makes artists eligible for a few hundred plays or likes. A link to the post shared on social media serves as the proof. You can then provide the link to your song on any of the major platforms and we will deliver the plays or likes. You can also subscribe to our newsletters to qualify for this free music promotion. The free plays or likes are delivered with the same level of promptness as our paid music promotion services. It is likely you will get them delivered in twenty four hours.

All our music promotion packages are put into action immediately after you make the payment and the order is processed. Most services are delivered within a day unless the campaign has to last five days or ten days. Viral campaigns usually last several days. Radio airplay for five days or ten days will last for the specified period of time. Other deliverables show up the same day. Large orders take longer than a day to be delivered.

Even if you have a sizeable following, our music promotion packages can complement your fandom and provide a boost to further your popularity. Develop credible social capital, establish the foundation to launch your career in music, generate more plays and secure likes, get feedback from fans and improve your music, all the while building your popularity. Our online music promotion services can influence the real sales potential of a single or album.

Find more About Music Promotion and Paid Music Promotion Services

Viral music promotion is every musician dream. Every independent musician and artist has a common question in their mind “How to Promote Your Music”? Well, internet technology has opened the door of endless opportunities for musicians to promote their music in varied platforms and in different ways. At times this may seem daunting and challenging, but it allows the artists to experiment and let their creativity run wild when it comes to Free Music Promotion online. In today’s music industry the successful way to Promote Music is by trying new creative things, make changes, learn from promotions that you run and fine tune to your career. Below are some of the effective strategies that which you can try online to Promote Your Music and get it viral.

Paid Music Promotion Services and Companies

    The global music industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades. A few artists over the years have commanded a global fandom but not many had managed to break down linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers. That has changed in this century. As more artists attain fame beyond their cities, states, and countries, the music industry will rake in unprecedented revenue. However, not everything is booming in the music industry. 2018 generated revenue of over forty-three billion dollars and it was the most profitable year since 2006. But artists secured only twelve percent of that revenue. This is primarily due to the increasing costs of promoting artists and their creations. Concerts and tours have also become costlier due to the ever-growing demands of the audience.

    All major record labels spend millions on advertising and various forms of promotion for every major release. Artists have to account for that and hence the dip in royalty. Only the most celebrated artists can call the shots. Others have to concede to the policies of the labels. This signifies the essentiality of music promotion. Very few artists can expect to have a runaway hit in these times. The traditional way to find fame is almost obsolete now. Breakaway hits and sensational singles launching the career of budding artists are still happening but the frequency is not inspiring.
This is mostly because of online platforms that are empowering artists who do not have access to labels and are not being found by scouts and talent hunters.

Music Promotion in the Era of Streaming Services

    Streaming platforms have certainly empowered artists all over the world. Songwriters, musicians, singers, composers, producers, mixers and bands do have a much greater chance of getting noticed than in the past. However, getting noticed is harder than it may seem.

The streaming platforms are available to one and all. There is no individual discretion and no curator discriminating against some and favoring others. The whole virtual realm of music streaming is influenced by popularity. While talent does have a role to play in contributing to that popularity, the ability of an artist is not the sole factor. If people like a song or an album, they will speak about it and spread the word.

If people do not even know about an artist or do not come across their creation, then there is no traction so popularity is a nonstarter. This is the reality and hence the significance of music promotion in an era of streaming services.

What is Free Music Promotion?

    As an artist using platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, you may have heard about free music promotion. There is no such thing as a free lunch. But you can get a few freebies. These may not be sufficient to boost your popularity to an extent that it changes the path of your career. Yet, they can provide some foundation and anything worthwhile that is free is always desirable. Free music promotion is basically a service that gets you started on your quest for fame. You can get a few plays, likes or followers. You might get some shares or reposts. Comments are rarely offered for free and they do not create as much of an impact upfront as plays, likes or followers do.

    The most effective form of free music promotion is buzz among the fans. Artists need a dedicated fan base. It is not sufficient to have a target audience and reaching out to them with every new composition. The audience should have a connection with the artist. Only then the fans will talk about the composition and spread the word around. This is the ultimate objective. Such free music promotion is always necessary but one has to get there. The different kinds of free music promotion available from companies are limited in their scope but they do matter. It is always better to have a few hundred more plays or likes when one does not have to put in any money.

Music Promotion Corp can deliver such plays for free.

How to Choose Free Music Promotion Sites?

    There are many types of music promotion services. Most music promotion companies do not offer anything for free. When you check out free music promotion sites, your objective should be to understand what exactly they are offering. It is easy for free music promotion sites to make all kinds of claims. None of those claims matter if there is no deliverable. The deliverables should also be verifiable.

    You must choose free music promotion sites that deliver. Music promotion, free or paid, should not be vague or immeasurable. Music promotion services cannot be about growing your popularity when there is no clear indicator or metric that proves the company has done its job.

    Music promotion companies that straightaway mention verifiable metrics are the genuine ones. For instance, Music Promotion Corp delivers plays, likes, followers, shares or reposts and featuring on the playlist. These are measurable. The outcomes can be verified. 


Should Artists Pay for Music Promotion?

    Online music promotion is a premium service. All artists have to pay for music promotion if they want verifiable outcomes. The question of whether or not artists should pay for music promotion is a different matter. Personal preference and financial constraints can always come in direct conflict with such an assessment.

    The truth is that no artist can find a foothold and those who already have standing cannot hold on to their fan base if there is no effective online music promotion. Even the most celebrated artists keep their fans engaged with tweets, posts and all kinds of contents when they do not have a new song or album to share. Fans have become more demanding than ever before. They must be satiated.

    Online music promotion is thus a perennial exercise. Some of it may come organically but the rest of it must be paid for. It is also necessary to strategize online music promotion. The approach cannot be a random process.

How to Find the Best Music Promotion Services?

    It is easy to find the best music promotion services. All you have to do is use appropriate criteria. If you need plays, look for music promotion services that can deliver the same. If you need likes or followers, then your quest should be in accordance with that.

    Most legit music promotion companies are capable of delivering plays, likes, followers and shares or reposts. Not all can make a song or album go viral. Very few are effective with playlist promotion. The best music promotion services deliver on their promises. This is the only barometer you must use to compare them. The cost does matter.

You will compare the quotes or the prices of different online music promotion packages before making a decision.

How to Compare Music Promotion Companies?

    As you try to find the best music promotion services, you will come across a few music promotion companies. You must be able to compare these music promotion companies and the process should be absolutely objective. Only facts should matter and nothing else. One of the key aspects you must be aware of is the difference between black hat and white hat practices. You should not choose music promotion companies that use fake users or newly created profiles to drive plays, likes, and followers. There are some that use bots driven plays, likes and followers to inflate those counts. These are questionable practices. Some platforms flag these as malpractices and the accounts or profiles benefiting from such activities can get suspended or even banned permanently.

    Music promotion companies should be compared on the basis of legitimacy, a plethora of services and the costs. A company should have a different and sufficient number of music promotion packages. As an artist, you must not be compelled to pay more for a service that you do not really need. There should be enough flexibility or the music promotion packages should be sufficiently diverse to help artists choose precisely what they want. Legit music promotion companies will have an actual impact and the results will show. Compare the deliverables and by when you can expect the process to be completed. Assess the outcome and then plan ahead.

How to Assess the Impact of Real Music Promotion?

    Artists have to pay for music promotion. It is hence imperative to know that it is real music promotion. Choosing legit music promotion companies ensures verifiable deliverables. Real music promotion should also have a noticeable impact, not just in the numbers of plays, likes, followers and shares or reposts purchased but also their subsequent effects. Real music promotion should lead to some organic growth. The scope of this growth will be influenced by the quantum of the deliverables. The scope is obviously influenced by the quality of the composition that is promoted. Talented singers, musicians, and songwriters will find it easy to grow their popularity organically after they set the foundation. Those who do not have standout works may take a while longer and the extent to which their popularity can grow may be relatively limited.

    Regardless of the talent of an artist and the quality of a composition, there should be some impact of real music promotion. Viral campaigns of Music Promotion Corp can provide a massive boost to the online popularity of artists. There are massive inflows of plays, likes, and followers in certain music promotion packages that can create a ripple effect online. Then there is playlist promotion. Getting a song or an album featured on playlists can do wonders for popularity. Many of these developments can have a direct or indirect impact on sales. It is such verifiable outcomes that should be relied upon to assess the impact of real music promotion.

How to Choose the Best Music Promotion Packages

    Music promotion packages should be chosen on the basis of relevance, immediate objective, the endgame and of course affordability. Some artists may only want a few hundred plays. Others may want a few thousand for every song. It is alright to promote one composition just as it is fine to promote an entire album. Whatever works for an artist should determine the type of music promotion packages one must choose. The best music promotion strategy is always customized. It cannot be a generic approach and thus there should be a focus on the nature of target audience and in some cases the genre too.

    The best music promotion services can generate traction among the online audience within the United States and beyond. Artists should choose music promotion companies that can deliver the audience they want. It is futile to get users from a country listening to or liking a song when the artist does not even have any presence or influence there. It is even possible that the artist is not intending to sell their works in those places for now. Likewise, if an artist needs hip hop music promotion, then the audience should be relevant for such a genre. The lines distinguishing music preferences are blurring lately. People are more flexible now with their preferences. Most music aficionados appreciate different genres of music.

Still, there should be an attempt to pay for music promotion that is reasonably customized.

Influence the Target Audience with Music Promotion Services

The purpose of online music promotion is to influence the target audience. Spotify music promotion should get you more plays, likes, and followers due to playlist placement and submission.

YouTube music promotion should get you more subscribers and shares. In due course of time, your compositions must be featured in relevant sections, from the home page for the users to the recommended songs or playlists. Only these developments will influence the target audience. When people realize that a profile is worth following and the creations of an artist deserve at least one play, they will galvanize and there will be an organic ripple effect.

SoundCloud music promotion must do the same. The strategy should be devised to be in the reckoning of the larger audience so they pay heed to what you have to offer.

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