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We’ve been striving for the past 15 years to provide the Best Music Promotion Services for thousands of artists. Every creator’s goal is to have their music heard by a large audience. We will make it easier for you to build a solid legit foundation of followers and subscribers and have your music heard worldwide.

You can easily choose from our social media promotion packages covering all the main networks relevant in promoting artists. Promote your work to your target audience through YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Instagram. We will do the hard work necessary to consolidate an audience of real people, with real accounts and following the rules of each individual social network.

We know that in today’s world, every artist must build a strong social media branding and constantly work on optimizing it. This is where our experience comes to help you reach the trending lists, and gain new followers, and plays.

Through our experience working with more than 10,000 clients so far, we have honed our skills to be able to offer fast and reliable services at a very competitive price.

We take your privacy very seriously, and we also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case you are not satisfied with our services. But that hasn’t happened so far.
When purchasing a package, you can check out with one of the several secured methods available (PayPal, 2CheckOut, all major Credit Cards/Debit Cards)

With free music promotion efforts and also paid services from experts in the market you too can shine among your peers and get your music heard by an increasing number of fans, and also get noticed in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms should I use to promote my music and grow my fan base?

There are many ways to promote your music and new venues open new opportunities to live your passion. Make sure you are up to date with the latest trends and events in the music industry. To start we recommend you put your music on major platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Which is the best music promotion campaign?

The best music promotion campaign is a campaign that takes everything into consideration. If your manager or publicist is only focused on one platform, it can backfire. Let’s say that you put all of your work into developing your Twitter strategy, only to find that your account is suspended for some reason. This is clearly a huge blow to your career, and you will have invested a lot of time and energy into a platform that you can no longer utilize.

Music Promotion Corp knows that it’s not just about the music or your image – it’s about all of it coming together to form a brand. Your music promotion campaign should include dropping loose songs on Soundcloud when you are trying to promote a new project, or Instagram clips of you in the studio making some new songs. It should also include Youtube uploads where you do Q and As with your fans, so that they can know more about you.

The best music promotion campaign is an extensive one, that includes uploading photos and clips to Instagram, songs to Soundcloud and Audiomack, and strategies to also increase your Apple Music and Spotify Music, followers. It’s about connecting with curators, landing on playlists, AND boosting views. Thanks to Music Promotion Corp, you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to make your music promotion campaign effective.

The best music promotion campaign also takes your personality into consideration. There might be some artists that love vlogging, while other artists might not like sitting in front of a camera and speaking to fans. Other artists might care more about showing footage of their tour or live performances more than anything else, and it might drive fans to see you on tour next time. It doesn’t matter whether you want to showcase your humor, personality, significant other, bandmates, or curator skills – a music promotion campaign takes your personality and image into consideration.

What music promotion packages do you offer?

Many music promotion packages only focus on one aspect of promotion, and we believe that’s why Music Promotion Corp is so different. Our paid music promotion packages can not only give you more views. After all, there are thousands of companies that are selling fake bot views, and many customers end up disappointed down the line once they realize that it wasn’t worth the money. We don’t just offer more views for music promotion packages, we also offer much more!

Our paid music promotion packages are also about curation. The right playlist can truly make a real difference, and many music industry insiders believe that playlists are one of the most important aspects of a career right now. If your music ends up on a playlist with multi-platinum artists, then that means that you could potentially gain fans FROM them. In addition, if the song is good enough, it might mean that they end up following you on various platforms.

The music promotion packages we offer might help you get more Instagram views, which can help when it comes to companies who reach out to you for endorsement. Our Soundcloud music promotion packages might also help you connect with more underrated artists and producers, and our Audiomack music promotion packages can help you get discovered by music fans that are focused on newer music.

Every artist should understand their goals and expectations from their music promotion packages, and figure out what platform makes the most sense for them. If your “image” isn’t as important as your music to you – you might focus on Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud, and Audiomack. However, you might have invested all of your resources into an upcoming music video. In this case, it might be better to purchase music promotion packages related to your Youtube channel.

Music Promotion Corp offers incredible value for our paid music promotion packages, and we are known for our quick delivery and turnaround!

Which is the best music promo from your site?

Music Promo Corp has a lot of different packages to offer, and artists will have to figure out the option that makes the most sense for them. If you can afford to invest $100 in your music career without thinking twice about it, you might want to consider purchasing some of the more advanced music promotion packages. Of course, the best music promo is the promotion on the platform that you already understand.

Some artists showcase their image the best on Instagram, while others might look to Soundcloud promotion or Audiomack promotion as a way to promote some underrated tracks. The best music promo package is the package that will lead to the most followers and fans. If you can, you might want to consider purchasing several packages and then figuring out what to target from there.

The best music promo strategy is a strategy that incorporates as many different social media platforms as possible. If you are an artist or a content creator that doesn’t have the time to upload content, you also might want to consider purchasing the best music promo you can, but also consider hiring a social media manager in the future. Of course, if you are trying to promote a podcast – it might be best to target platforms like Spotify and/or Audiomack rather than Youtube (since the visual aspect might be less important, or even nonexistent).

The best music promo is a consistent music promotion, and you should allocate some of your funds to making sure that your content is properly promoted. Artists should also take the time to pay attention to all the details of marketing, whether it has to do with your bio, your Instagram caption, or responding to fans on Twitter. You may want to figure out your budget before figuring out the best music promo that Music Promotion Corp has to offer. Either way, you can count on us to make sure that results are delivered promptly.

It's MusicPromotionCorp one of the best music marketing companies?

There are plenty of music marketing companies out there, but Music Promotion Corp is definitely one of the best music marketing companies out there. We are extremely affordable, which is great for artists all over the world that are working very hard to build a following. While some of the other best music marketing companies are overcharging artists for publicity, we make it clear that there are different packages that cater to artists with specific budgets.

We also deliver on time, so you’ll never be waiting and wondering about your results. We believe that the best music marketing companies are the ones that actually deliver instead of having artists wait around for weeks, wondering what they did with their money. We also have free promotions regularly, because we are proud of the fact that we truly back up our claims.

The best music marketing companies are ones that are transparent about their success and have an established track record. If you have a team, you may want to ask them their thoughts about the best music marketing companies to consider, and figure out the right budget to allocate for your own marketing needs. Of course, it’s also important to deal with a company that stays on top of trends. If you are dealing with one of the best music marketing companies, but they don’t truly understand the modern music industry – this could prove to be a mistake. Ultimately, your music marketing company should be able to be reached at all times and open to your feedback/suggestions.

Music Promotion Corp isn’t here to overcharge for our services, but offer a way for independent musicians to promote themselves without spending outrageous amounts of money. We do believe that we are one of the best music marketing companies in the world, which is one of the reasons that we offer free promotion deals to prove to our clients that we care about their success

Why should I buy music promotion services?

Any artist is faced with the challenge of promoting their music and reaching their audience. While your main focus should remain to produce great music for people to enjoy, you must also use all the tools available in the online environment. It has never been so easy and cost-effective as now to have your music heard by millions of fans worldwide. You can upload your music on SoundCloud, or upload videos on Youtube and use Facebook’s powerful tools to promote your work. In this sense, you will be more like a mini record label. This will give you the opportunity and also the responsibility of managing and creating your own team and environment to build a strong fan base.

Is your music promotion service real?

Some artists become wary about the concept of a music promotion service because they are not sure if they will get real results, but Music Promotion Corp is here to help. We do provide real views and followers for organic reach, and these fans are truly interested in what you have to offer. While other services might rely on bots and click-farms, we deliver real results for affordable rates.

Music Promotion Corp also delivers real results quickly. This is our true advantage because some of our competitors take their sweet time once they get paid by artists. If you work with us, you won’t be sitting around for days, or even weeks, wondering when your music will start being promoted. We do deliver the fans and followers, but it’s up to artists to keep that momentum going. In addition to using a music promotion service, artists should also focus on recording and live shows at the same time.

No music promotion service can guarantee success, but we do offer the opportunity for more visibility and exposure. Of course, if you end up landing on certain playlists – this could lead to many more opportunities, and there’s a good chance that music blogs will be reaching out to you and that more artists want to collaborate with you. The right music promotion service also understands what you are trying to accomplish, and delivers results on time. Music Promotion Corp can absolutely help you with your music promotion service needs, no matter the size of your audience or fanbase.

We believe in giving artists the power to take their careers in their own hands, rather than waiting on a record label to finally supply them with a budget. The Internet is now capable of actually breaking an artist that might not otherwise have the resources, and that’s why our music promotion service might be integral to your long-term success.

What kind of music promotion services do you offer?

There are many music marketing companies that only focus on one aspect of music promotion services, but can’t deliver when it comes to other aspects. Music Promotion Corp knows that there are all sorts of ways to promote yourself, which is why we do it all! Here is some information regarding the music promotion service that we offer.

We offer music promotion services that help you get more VIEWS. This is great for the Youtube algorithm, and it could mean that your video ends up being recommended way more than usual. Many artists have been able to put together a creative music video that ends up going viral, and our package could potentially make that happen for you.

We also offer music promotion services that get your more FOLLOWERS. You will find that the music industry respects numbers, and more followers, in their eyes, means more fans or potential fans. This adds more credibility and leverage to artists hoping to make lucrative deals, and we are happy to provide this service for an affordable price.

We also offer a music promotion service that can land you on PLAYLISTS. The music industry can be an insular world, and it can be hard to reach the curators that really dictate music industry trends. However, Music Promotion Corp might just be able to help you land on that powerful playlist that can bring new eyes to your music, and it might be the difference between remaining unknown and finally creating a buzz.

Some of these music promotion services might make sense for specific artists more than others. For example, your followers might be growing organically, but you might want to reach out to us for playlist submission. Similarly, you might be fine with landing on playlists already but want to make sure that your music video gets more views so that it is recommended more. Either way, Music Promotion Corp has something to offer that can help give you the promotional “boost” you need!

I need cheap music promotion? Which is the best package?

There are many artists that don’t have the same time and/or resources as those backed by a major record label. As a result, they are always searching for smart cheap music promotion tactics. Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer music promotion at affordable rates, whether all you have is $10 or $100 to promote your music. We recognize that not every artist has thousands of dollars to pour into their career every month, and we hope that you take advantage of our offers.

Of course, one smart cheap music promotion strategy is to make sure that your fans become your biggest advocates. One way that you can do this is to ask them to spread the word about your shows and/or projects, and you can even hold sweepstakes to offer them merchandise for being your cheap music promotion advocates. You can also hold contests by asking fans to retweet or post content of yours, and state that the winner will get to meet you, or get a phone call from you. It’s also important to define “cheap” – for some, cheap music promotion is a $100 strategy, while for some it’s a $10 strategy. If you can’t afford $10 for a cheap music promotion package, you may want to work on saving your money up first before thinking about cheap music promotion.

Ultimately, a digital marketing strategy is essential for modern music artists to succeed. First, you should figure out the kind of platform that you want to target the most and come up with ideas regarding what strategies will work the best. Afterward, choose the Music Promotion Corp cheap music promotion package that makes the most sense for you. Your fans can also help you make decisions regarding your cheap music promotion strategy, and what works best for your brand and/or image.

How to promote your music with MusicPromotionCorp?

There are many artists that KNOW that they want to promote their music, but they aren’t sure about the best way to do it. The first thing that artists should do is examine their strengths and weaknesses. If you are known for your live performances, maybe the best idea is to upload a recent live performance where a lot of your fans loved the performance. If you are known for your music videos, then why not purchase a Music Promotion Corp that can help you get more Youtube views. If you promote in an area where you are already succeeding, there’s a good chance that the strategy will work even more.

If you are in a band or a collective of some kind – it can be difficult to have conversations about how to promote your music. You may even want to consider making a list of pros and cons to figure out the best steps to take or consult with music industry professionals that can offer you some guidance. You should also figure out a budget that works for you, and whether this promotion will be consistent or a one-time purchase.

Some artists think that how to promote your music is simply to buy as many views as possible, while other artists are only focused on playlist promotion. You should do some research regarding how artists in your genre have gotten discovered because that can help you understand which way the industry is trending.

No one 100% understands the foolproof strategy regarding how to promote your music, because some artists get famous on Tiktok and others get famous on Soundcloud. However, if you are constantly analyzing and researching your own fanbase: you may just get some answers about how to promote your music. If you can figure out what NOT to do – it can help you get a clearer picture of the way to promote your music moving forward.

Do you offer Free Music Promotion?

There are many music promotion services that are not willing to back up what they say, or they will claim that they deliver results in a particular amount of time only to disappoint the client. Music Promotion Corp believes in a long-term relationship with our clients, whether they are artists, marketers, or entrepreneurs, which is why we offer Free SoundCloud Promotion as a show of good faith. We also offer incredibly affordable rates for those who don’t have the resources as some of their competitors. If you are looking for results with Music Promotion Corp, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do so.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that there are steps to take to maximize your free music promotion. If you consistently ask your fans at live shows to sign up for a mailing list, or a forum – this can be a great opportunity to build a creative community around your fans. This can end up as free music promotion when you end up updating them on your latest project or new merchandise that you are selling. It might sound like a small move, but the truth is that these little steps can eventually lead to significant revenue. At the end of the day, networking and optimizing your own content can go a long way when done correctly.

If you are a talented artist that you feel like isn’t getting enough recognition, another free music promotion idea is to reach out to influencers that appreciate artists that have a similar sound to yours. You might find that they are willing to tell the world about you without being paid, which can be the kind of free music promotion that can help you strengthen your network. Be sure to stay on the lookout for Music Promotion Corp’s free music promotion offers while they last!

Should I promote my music on Social Media?

Definitely yes! You should promote Your Music on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is an essential part of your success these days. Whether you’re sharing your blog posts, your website, your music or even your music videos, it’s essential that you have some form of social media presence. Some of the best include Facebook and Instagram, but you may want to consider platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. This will probably be the most popular way for you to connect with your audience and fans and industry peers.

Do you offer Apple music promotion?

Some artists believe that they can think about music promotion without considering certain platforms, but Apple music promotion can be a great way to market your music. First and foremost, Apple is one of the most well-known and respected tech giants in the world. They have the ability and resources to improve their Apple Music platform significantly over the next several years or even decades, so why not think about Apple music promotion as much as possible?

Second, you could also become a curator thanks to Apple music promotion. Let’s say that you are a pop artist putting out a new project. Before you put out the project, you could pay homage to all of the artists that influenced you by putting together an amazing playlist on Apple, and this Apple music promotion strategy can help your fans start a conversation about what songs are their favorite off of the playlist. In this sense, you could end up engaging with fans over music taste while also promoting your upcoming project.

Of course, there are also some incredible curators and shows that are part of the Apple Music platform. If you get traction on Apple Music, there’s a good chance that you might get an invite to discuss your own music. If this is the case, your Apple Music promotion strategy can pay off in a big way. If you are wondering about what simple decision you can make that can affect your Apple Music promotion: choosing which songs/projects to upload on Apple Music and what to not upload on the platform.

Apple has everything that many other platforms have to offer: there are so many relevant curators, influencers, and playlists for you to consider. Any smart artist will have an Apple music promotion strategy of some kind. Music Promotion Corp is proud to offer Apple music promotion packages to help become more visible, and reach more fans than ever before.

Do you offer Radio Promotion services?

Many people point out the fact that the music industry is more digital than ever, and there are people that can listen to music anytime that they like. Some of them are listening to music at the gym in their Airpods, while others might be streaming from radio stations in a different country. Either way, Music Promotion Corp still believes that radio music promotion is a great way to make your music known.

The music industry loves nostalgia, and it’s one of the reasons why there has been a resurgence in vinyl sales. The radio will be a stronghold in the music industry for decades to come, even with the rise of music streaming apps and personalized playlists. Sometimes, your career has to eventually appeal to mainstream radio to finally reach the level that it always could.

Radio stations and DJs have helped to break all sorts of records of every genre, whether it’s a pulsating pop song or a new hip-hop anthem. The right radio music promotion can have fans raving about a track, and wondering about where it came from. If you are an artist that is serious about organic radio music promotion, contact us to find out more information about what we can offer.

There are many major figures that still work at radio stations that are trying to figure out what songs fit their radio station, and that’s why radio music promotion is still so important. Many of them are also getting into the music podcast space, which is on the rise, as well. As a result, radio promotion services should be a part of any artist or entrepreneur’s content marketing strategy if they are serious about getting to the next level. Music Promotion Corp is here to offer our radio promotion service at a very affordable rate, and you should take advantage of our limited-time offers, as well.

Why Should I promote my music on the radio?

You may think online radio is dead, but it’s far from the truth. Websites and platforms such as Pandora, are more popular than ever before and it’s a great place to get your music played out there to audiences that you might not have been able to reach in the past. We also recommend using our radio service for start.

Do you offer Youtube music promotion?

There are many artists that think only about music platforms when it comes to music marketing or music promotion, but that would be a mistake. At the end of the day, some of the biggest music artists are also influencers, and where do influencers live? Many of them live on Youtube. The beauty of Youtube is that you can do so much more than you could on other platforms. It can help fans get an idea for who you are behind the scenes, could be used to help promote your music videos (obviously), and it can also help shed light on your life outside of your career.

First and foremost, you can offer some behind-the-scenes footage regarding your creative process. Let’s say that your band has put an incredible amount of work into a new project, and your new single is climbing up the charts. However, you notice that it is stalling a bit. One strategy that could work is a music promotion youtube strategy where you upload a video of your band making the song behind the scenes, and it can help to showcase the personality of each member. Fans will also get a chance to see how a song that they love become created.

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate music promotion Youtube into your overall marketing strategy. You could potentially upload videos with fans, or videos from traveling through different cities on tour dates. This content could then potentially appeal to one of the billions of Youtube viewers, who then decide that they might want to check out your music. In addition, you could also take to Youtube to clarify certain statements – address why an album is delayed, for example.

Music Promotion Corp understands the power of Youtube and it’s one of the reasons why we are proud to offer affordable music promotion Youtube packages.

Why should I promote my music on YouTube?

Your presence on YouTube crucial, and it is important for you as an artist to get your music on this platform and share your music with the masses. YouTube is still the number one music streaming website on the internet, and this is why it is important to be active on it, but you must also consider all the other streaming platforms available. New listeners will be able to find your music and it’s also a great place to host your music so it can be shared by your existing fans easily. Make use of relevant tags when you upload, so people can find your work more easily. You can try our organic youtube promotion and get viral music promotion now.

Do you offer music promotion for SoundCloud?

Music Promotion Corp offers a lot of music promotion on different platforms, and we do offer a music promotion Soundcloud package. Soundcloud is a great platform for getting discovered. In fact, so many rappers have been discovered on Soundcloud that many music industry insiders actually use the term “Soundcloud rapper.”

One great thing about music promotion Soundcloud is that it’s free. You might want to give your fans something to show them your appreciation, and dropping a track or two on Soundcloud is a great way to do that. In fact, there are many major artists that even drop projects on Soundcloud because of the exposure that it can get, and because there is a robust community of real music fans on the platform. Soundcloud also makes it very easy for bloggers to link to your music, which is perfect for artists that are focusing on Internet marketing and blog outreach.

You can also even join groups and follow other artists on Soundcloud, which means that there are plenty of networking opportunities if you take music promotion Soundcloud seriously. Artists can follow many other artists and fans, or even hold a remix contest on Soundcloud which can lead to your song getting more exposure.

There are many music promotion Soundcloud companies and freelancers that claim that they can get you likes and reposts, but Music Promotion Corp has the experience and expertise to make sure that you are getting the most out of Soundcloud possible. Another important aspect of a music promotion Soundcloud is to take comments and engagement seriously – it can help fans get more insight into who you are as an artist and/or person. Our music promotion Soundcloud packages are also affordable, for artists that might have trouble coming up with thousands of dollars to promote themselves.

Why should I promote my music on SoundCloud?

We offer the best SoundCloud music promotion services on the market. Famous artists, major record labels, and music fans alike use SoundCloud due to its popularity and its features. It’s free to set up an account, and you will have premium options to promote your music even further allowing more downloads and higher visibility. This music streaming platform, loved by fans and internet users from around the world in the best place to publish and promote your music.

Do you offer music promotion for Spotify?

There are lots of streaming services out there, but it’s hard to deny the power of Spotify. The Sweden-based streaming giant is a real staple of the music industry, and it boasts hundreds of millions of users. One of the reasons that Spotify has become so popular is because it also helps users “discover” artists, while other streaming giants might just be focused on releasing exclusive albums or recommending major artists.

Another reason that many people gravitate towards Spotify is that it has the most praised and celebrated playlists in the world. There are many rap artists that owe the start of their career to the fact that they were added to the Rap Caviar playlist, which is arguably the most important hip-hop playlist in the world.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you make – there’s a good chance that Spotify has dozens of incredible playlists that can help you gain an audience. The music promotion Spotify can offer is extensive, and Music Promotion Corp can absolutely help you land on many of these playlists.

You can also follow artists on Spotify, which is great for artists that are trying to maximize their music promotion Spotify. There are even metrics shown like the amount of monthly listens you have, and these kinds of statistics are very important in the music industry.

If you end up getting more monthly listeners, there’s a good chance that it will lead to more Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and Youtube views, which gives you the chance to appeal to more new fans. The fact that influencers can quickly make playlists and tweet/post them to their audiences is also another factor to consider regarding music promotion Spotify, and artists can even make playlists of their own music for their fans! If you are serious about your music career, you should have a music promotion Spotify strategy.

Why should I promote my music on Spotify?

There are a TON of online music streaming websites online. Some of the biggest include Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music, among many others. When your songs are played on these popular websites, you will earn royalties from each play, and also new followers and a convenient way to promote your tours. You can try our organic Spotify promotion and get your music to a new level.


Whatever genre you are active in, music promotion is a key factor in your success, and the only way to get to a higher level where you get famous. When you are a rising star, it usually starts with your own promotion in your hometown, and then you will grow your audience and a strong and loyal following. Once you are ready for a national or international level, professional promotion services will take you and your work to that level.

Do you offer Instagram music promotion?

If there is one platform that is important for music influencers and artists: many would say that it’s Instagram. The right music promotion Instagram strategy can be absolutely incredible for your brand, and there are many artists that have been able to generate revenue thanks to Instagram.

In fact, many music artists actually end up becoming influencers thanks to the right music promotion Instagram strategy. Believe it or not, there are some influencers that can charge companies hundreds of thousands of dollars just to post about their product and/or company. This can be an incredible way to generate revenue and create a new income stream.

Some artists also understand the power of “teasing” their fans. You could be a rapper, and have some of your new music playing in the background of your Instagram story. This can help get your fans talking, and excited about when the song finally drops. In this way, Instagram can be your free music marketing tool, and a Music Promotion Corp package can help you optimize this strategy.

There’s also more to music promotion Instagram – you should pay attention to all of the trends happening. There might be a dance routine going viral, and you can entertain your fans by making videos of your own performance. You might also show how entertaining your live shows are, or use the right hashtags to make sure that more people see your profile than ever before. The great thing about Instagram is that you can get more insight into what posts get the most engagement, whether it’s a great photo that you took on a tour stop or an Instagram clip of a song that you weren’t sure about.

Music Promotion Corp understands the power of Instagram, and how it can be a way to show your fans another side of you – whether it relates to your music career or not. The right music promotion Instagram strategy can change your life for the better when done properly.

Do you offer Audiomack music promotion?

Some platforms are best for specific artists, but Audiomack is most appealing to new and emerging artists. It’s one of the platforms that may grow the most due to the fact that the platform helps artists with a buzz become even more successful. Sometimes, artists are better off targeting the social media platforms that make the most sense for them, rather than thinking about what has worked with other artists or thinking about overall monthly active users. Facebook might have billions of monthly active users, but that doesn’t mean that focusing on Facebook would be a better strategy than thinking extensively about Audiomack music promotion.

Let’s say that you’re an independent pop artist trying to upload a music video on Youtube. It can be very difficult to take attention away from a major artist that might be used to getting millions, or even billions, of views on their videos. That’s why focusing on your audiomack music promotion strategy is a smart move for independent artists that want the most bang for their buck. There are new fans everywhere, but some of the most open-minded music fans are currently browsing Audiomack, trying to discover the next great artist.

Music Promotion Corp has several options when it comes to audiomack music promotion packages, and there are also plans for Audiomack to release new features that make it easier to monetize your content. If you promote enough, you also might end up on the “Trending” page at Audiomack, which can help you get attention from both music industry figures and music influencers.

Audiomack is also gaining more and more users because it’s free, and it allows for unlimited uploads. This is great for people who are trying to create a lot of content. For example, if you are interested in creating a podcast EVERY DAY, you might want to turn to platforms like Audiomack that cater to users who can upload without restrictions.

Which are the best music promotion companies?

At Music Promotion Corp, we truly believe that we are one of the best music promotion companies in the world. Of course, there are some other incredible companies that are doing some great work out there. Here are some great music promotions to think about, although a Music Promotion Corp package might be the solution that you are looking for.

One of the best music promotion companies out there is Playlist Push, thanks to their focus on the playlist. However, Music Promotion Corp also offers affordable packages that can help you get followers and fans. We ALSO offer playlist submission services, as well. However, they have been around for a while and have a solid reputation.

Another one of the best music promotion companies is Omar Imc, and they have risen up the ranks as a choice for many independent artists. They also have over 40 million followers across various platforms, and it’s hard to deny the power of that kind of reach. They are also trusted by thousands of artists.

The truth is that there are many great companies out there, and it can be hard to decide what are the best music promotion companies. Some companies might not have as many followers but are able to reach the music industry insiders easier than others. Other companies might be able to promote more organically, and others might be best for promoting the music of a specific genre. You should do your due diligence regarding the best music promotion companies before making a final decision, and you might want to consult with your peers regarding how to proceed.

While these music promotion companies are great, we do believe that we offer the best value at Music Promotion Corp. Feel free to look through our packages to learn more information about what we can deliver!

Do you offer music video promotion?

We live in a very visual world, where fans don’t just want to stream your music – they also want to be able to see a song “come to life”. You might notice that there are many fan bases that beg for a music video for a specific song, and there’s a reason for that. The fans might enjoy the song, but they also want to see the artist truly bring their own personality/interpretation to the song so that the concept makes more sense.

For some pop artists, it might be the choreography in a music video that helps the song become more popular than ever. Fans might enjoy the dance, and the dance routine itself can go viral thanks to platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Music Promotion Corp offers music video promotion services that can help you get more views on Youtube so that your video is recommended to more fans than ever before.

The right music video promotion tactics can go a long way, and you might even reach people that wouldn’t otherwise be interested in your music. Of course, it’s important to recognize that you promote the best music video you can. If you pay for music video promotion services for a video that clearly isn’t your best work – the strategy might not pay off the way that you hope.

You might be getting 10,000 views per video, but want to increase that number to 100,000. There are many music video promotion tactics to consider, such as using the right SEO terms and hashtags. However, at the end of the day, a good old “boost” is a great way to make sure that your video is getting the recognition it deserves, which is why so many artists use music video promotion services. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rapper, folk singer, or a metal band – the right music video promotion can help your fans get more engaged with your content, and it increases your chances of going viral!

Which are the best ways to promote music?

There are millions of people around the world that are trying to understand how to become a bigger artist and figure out the best ways to promote music. Some of them aren’t sure where to start, even if they are doing their research. The first thing to remember is that not every artist’s path is different. Some artists are able to promote their music on a TV show, while other artists might prefer a podcast appearance to tell the world about their project and what it means to them.

Ultimately, a solid live show is a great way to make sure that your fans enjoy your music. Once these fans enjoy your music in an intimate way, it might mean that they begin telling their friends and followers about YOU, without you even having to invest a dollar. This is one of the best ways to promote music because it’s your talent speaking for itself, and it doesn’t even require money.

Another one of the best ways to promote music is to start your own Youtube channel in an effort to inform and entertain fans. This is great for those who feel like they don’t really know who you are, even if they enjoy your music. If you are wondering about the best ways to promote music, you might also consider that many artists are able to showcase their humor on Twitter through witty observations.

Of course, playlists play a huge role in today’s music industry. A music fan can often discover an artist through a playlist that also features major artists, and it might be the best way for you to promote your music. You should consider your personality and competition before coming up with the best ways to promote music, and the answer might be very different from other artists that you know.

Do you offer music promotion and management?

We do offer music promotion and management service for artists that are interested. We all know that music managers are some of the most important people in the industry, and manager connections can go a long way. Our music promotion service is available, and our music marketing manager can also help give you advice about how to go forward.

Music Promotion Corp is a great music promotion and management tool, and we can help in so many different areas. The fact that we even offer free music promotion and management services also helps with our overall credibility, and we have helped boost the profile of many artists in different genres. It doesn’t matter if you are a rapper or a techno producer, we can help you land on celebrated playlists and get more views.

It’s also important to remember that music promotion and management services can take a while. It might not lead to overnight success, and artists should develop a long-term mentality regarding overall success. We might not be able to help you on a day-to-day basis, but we can definitely give you some direction regarding what platforms to emphasize and why. Of course, the best music promotion and management service will require resources.

The best music promotion and management strategies truly understand your “brand”. The strategy for a playful young pop artist will be much different than a respected rock artist with decades of experience because they appeal to different demographics. It’s important to do your research regarding the music promotion and management tactics that work for you, and think about how your fans perceive you. In addition, music promotion and management is also all about connections – so networking with other artists, publicists, and managers is very important.

At Music Promotion Corp, we know that a brand is important. The biggest artists in the world often started off as unknowns, and we know that artists like Justin Bieber went from a couple of viral music videos to one of the biggest pop stars in the world. You should think about both music promotion and management when it comes to your career.

Why Do I need to hire a music promotion agency?

There are many bands, musicians, and artists that focus on channeling their creativity into their music. While there’s nothing wrong with this, the problem is that many artists aren’t thinking about the “business” side of the music business. If you are an artist that is serious about your career ambitions, you must realize that more fans have to know about you for your audience to grow. There’s nothing wrong with consistent live shows, but a strong digital marketing strategy goes a long way.

This is one of the reasons why a music promotion agency is so important. They can offer some guidance regarding what platforms you should target, and a boost in views and likes can add more credibility to you as an artist. While it might sound superficial to some artists, it might mean the difference between getting that placement, collaboration, endorsement, or not. At the end of the day, a music promotion agency can help define your fan demographics, which can be used for all aspects of your career.

A music promotion agency can also help you network when it comes to other peers, as well. They might be able to help you make connections with artists with larger audiences, which means that you are more likely to land on influential playlists. While one collaboration might not change your life, it can give you an immense amount of credibility in the music industry. For these reasons and more, a music promotion company is extremely important.

Of course, it’s important to find a music promotion agency that understands the way that you want to approach the industry. If they don’t truly understand your brand messaging, there’s a good chance that the relationship won’t work. Music Promotion Corp can help you promote yourself properly, and we take the time to truly deliver results.

What are the benefits of music marketing?

There are all sorts of music marketing companies out there, and there’s a reason that they are needed. Let’s say that you are an artist that is extremely talented, but isn’t known outside of your city. The right music marketing company can make sure that you get on certain blogs and playlists that can help you raise your profile, and it might even bring you national attention. If you become well-known, there might even be artists reaching out to compliment you on your successor for a potential collaboration.

Music marketing can also make sure that your fans feel like they are connected. Let’s say that you are an artist with 100,000 fans, but are trying to reach a million. You might not have time to engage with your fans, but a music marketing company can take care of that for you. This will help your fans feel more strongly about you, and social media engagement can lead to more followers and fans than ever before.

It doesn’t matter how incredible your project is – it won’t be bringing in consistent revenue until the music is known by everybody. In this way, a music marketing agency can also help you get placements in TV shows and commercials, which leads to an entirely new audience. If you aren’t serious about music marketing, you might find that your career stalls out – because your existing fans might support you, but new fans don’t know about you or your music.

Some artists view music marketing differently. Music marketing is about more than one thing – it isn’t just about social media marketing, landing or blogs, or getting interviewed by music influencers. Music marketing is essential for any artist that is serious about their brand and their talent. If you are serious about music marketing, it could potentially mean that your brand is relevant for years, or even decades.

What type of song promotion services do you offer?

Music Promotion Corp realizes that every artist is going to need something different than the next, which is why we offer a variety of different song promotion services. A lot of our competitors can only help artists grow in one aspect of their career and put all their focus there. We realize that there are several ways to handle song promotion to get your music noticed by a wider audience everywhere.

Some of our song promotion services are focused on views and playlists. We have some of the best connections in the music industry to get your song played on the most popular playlists. Instead of getting you more plays by giving your link to bots, we introduce your sound to fans of your genre so you can gain long-term fans from our promotions. If you have made a music video to go along with your track, we can help you out by getting you more views from real accounts on YouTube.

The music industry pays a lot of attention to numbers. To them, if you have a big following you’re more likely to get more fans. Some of our song promotion services can get you more followers. If you’re looking to make a deal with a record company then having a larger following will make you look more credible as an artist. 

At Music Promotion Corp we offer a boost specifically where your song needs it. If your latest song seems to be getting a lot of attention but not as many people are hitting follow, we can help you out. Whatever the situation is with your song, we can help you take off to the next level. 

What type of music promotion free are you offering?

The trouble with a lot of promotional companies is that they can’t meet the promises that they make. They offer you one thing but deliver another. Don’t get me started on those bots they sell either! Music Promotion Corp knows that deciding on a company to promote your work is a big decision. You need to invest your money wisely. We offer a couple of music promotion free services so you can get a glimpse of what we can do for you before you decided on a package.

Our most popular free promotion offer is a free Soundcloud promotion. If you share a post about Music Promotion Corp on your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and send us the proof we will then promote one of your songs (your pick, of course) as a way to say thank you. This is a free promotion where we both can help each other out.

We also have a couple of free offers for Spotify that you can take advantage off too. We offer 100 free Spotify plays so you can see just how much of an impact our promotional services can have on your music. If you need a little boost on Spotify playlists and want to see what we can do, we also offer a free Spotify playlist placement and a free Spotify playlist submission

There are also some things you can do to help make the free services we offer go a little further. Reach out to some popular influencers to see if you can get a spot on their playlists. People are always turning to them to find hot new tracks. Don’t forget to ask your current fanbase to subscribe to your mailing list. This way they won’t miss out on any upcoming projects. These are some free promotional tactics that don’t seem like much but can help build your career.

Why do I need a reliable music promotion company to promote my songs?

As an artist, you have probably put most of your time and focus into create your music. You may have your sound and image all figured out. The problem is it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You finally release that new song you’ve been working on to see it only get 10 plays and no comments on its first day. What’s the deal? 

This is happening because there hasn’t been any buzz around you yet. All artists who are serious about getting their foot through the door in the music industry need to hire a reliable music promotion company to get their songs out there to the right people. You have so much to focus on as far as the music is concerned, so let someone else take care of the business side.

When you work with a music promotion company, they can help guide you along and help you make the best moves to get your music promoted. They can show you which platforms are the best ones to be using to gain a bigger audience. The connections they have can get your song noticed by thousands, or possibly millions, of new people. Best of all, they can help you land endorsement deals, collaborations, and your ideal playlist placements.  

Music promotion companies can help you with networking as well. They can connect you with other artists who can help boost your presence and introduce you to some of today’s most popular influencers. They can greatly help with improving your image as an upcoming music star.

Before choosing a music promotion company, it is a good idea to make sure you guys are on the same page for what you want your brand to be. Music Promotion Corp offers a variety of different music promotion tools to help artists from every genre build a better career. 

Why do I need to pay for music promotion?

Music Promotion Corp offers some great free promotions to help give your music a boost. These are great for giving you a starting step, but if you are headstrong about making it as a selling artist then you need to pay for music promotion services for more exposure. In a world full of talented artists, these services can help you stand out.

Getting your music promoted is the best way to reach a larger audience. People are using music streaming services every day to find new artists to listen to. You have a lot of competition in your genre. If you want potential fans to notice your work then you need to step up your game. Getting a buzz around your music will get you more listens, likes, followers, and fans.

A good music promotional company will have access to the right people in the industry to get your song played to the right audience. Music promotional companies have the resources to easily reach millions of people. They can help sell your brand in a way that will intrigue people enough to follow you, bringing you many long-term fans.   

Paying for a music promotion package doesn’t have to be expensive either. Music Promotion Corp doesn’t believe in charging clients thousands of dollars to be heard. We offer promotion services for as little as $10. If you use the tools correctly, a good music promotion service will end up paying for itself. 

Do you offer free music marketing for my song?

One thing all new artists should do is take advantage of every free music marketing service that they can find. If you want to build your fan base up of genuine long-term fans then your music needs all the exposure that it can get. 

At Music Promotion Corp we understand the stress that new artists face when searching for a music promotion company. Your work needs exposure, but this can seem almost impossible if your funds are tight. We have put a lot of thought into our music marketing services and strategies to review what artists really need. In order to show you for real just how much magic we can work when it comes to promoting your music, we are offering a couple of free music marketing services for your song.

For Soundcloud artists, we have this amazing free offer going on where we can help each other out. If you go onto your social media (Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook) and make a post telling your friends about us, we will promote one of your songs on Soundcloud as a token of thanks. Once you make the post just send us the proof by email or chat from our webpage, as well as the song you want to promote, and we will take care of promoting it. This is one of the easiest trades for a free promotion that you will come by. 

Spotify artists can also clap for joy because we have a few free offers that you can take advantage of. Our 100 free Spotify plays deal is exactly as the title states, we will get your song played 100 times on Spotify to real accounts for free. If that’s not good enough, we also offer free Spotify playlist placement and free Spotify playlist submission. Choose the song that you want to promote and let us get it out there.

What kind of album promotion services do you offer?

While some artists may be after promotion for their latest hit single to get the word out about their projects, others may be focused on promoting their entire album. Many artists want to look into album promotion services to get this done. 

Having your album promoted can attract a lot of new listeners to your page. They will be intrigued to see that you have plenty of songs to listen to, not just one song playing repeatedly. Music Promotion Corp does offer a Spotify album promotion service. This 5 stars rated album promotion services is one of the best services for getting your album noticed by thousands of people on Spotify.

Spotify is the most popular worldwide music streaming platform. Promoting your album to the Spotify audience can introduce your work to new fans from all over the globe. With this 10-day promotional service, your album can be streamed by 30,000 new listeners. Real listeners too, we never sell our clients bots. Introducing your work to real listeners is how we will help you grow a solid fan base. 

Music Promotion Corp knows how to promote your album the right way. You will see more listens, likes, and followers from this album promotion service than you would with any of our competitors. We make sure that your work gets heard by the right amount of music lovers to become a hit. Don’t wait around, sign up today so we can send music fans your way. You didn’t make that album, so it could stay unheard. 

Do you offer free music video promotion services?

At this current time, Music Promotion Corp doesn’t offer any free music video promotion services. We do recognize how important having a visual of your music can be. Our world is driven by images and a lot of fans want to see the artist come to life in a video for their song. Putting the time and creativity into making a great music video can have a positive impact on helping to make your song more popular. 

Social media apps, such as TikTok and Instagram, are helping popular videos go viral. Fans of certain artists love to replicate their style and dance routine. If your music video gets promoted the right way it could be one of the next ones to start a social media trend. That kind of exposure can open a lot of doors for you in the music industry. 

If you have a music video already made and think that it could be a hit, then it is always a smart investment to purchase paid music video promotion services. Before making this purchase you should make sure the video is of good quality. Is your video something potential fans will get excited about? Even the best promotional strategies can’t help a poorly made video. 

A boost from our paid music video promotion service can easily help you see your video reach 100,000 views. Paid music video promotion is worth it, but if it isn’t something you are able to invest in right now there are some other things you can do to help up your views. Always use hashtags and SEO to your advantage. When you’re labeling your video try to think about what will people be searching to find my video? These are the keywords you need to use to help attract more organic views. 

At the end of the day, your video deserves recognition, and a music video promotion package will help you receive the credit for your hard work as an artist that you deserve. 

What kind of paid music promotion do you offer?

As a music artist, you must focus all of your energy on making great music. You spend a lot of time making sure the beat flows and the lyrics are just right. Your sound is important to you and it’s important for your music as well. As a musician, you need to be creating music that people will want to hear. Let’ face it, a music promoter can put your song in all the right places but people won’t react if they don’t like what they hear. 

Your time will be consumed making great music that your audience will want to hear. That doesn’t leave you a lot of time for the business end of things. That is where Music Promotion Corp can step in to take some pressure off of your shoulders. Our paid music promotion services are the best-rated services for helping new artists to build a solid career. We have some of the best connections in the industry to get your music the recognition it deserves. 

Music Promotion Corp offers a wide variety of music promotion packages because we know that every artist needs something unique. One client could be trying to grow their following before releasing a new album, while the next could want their new song to reach a certain demographic. We realized each artist has a different initiative for seeking promotional services, which is why we offer as many packages as we do.

Some of our music promotion packages focus on playlists. We make it easy and affordable to get your song on some of the most popular playlists. When your song is featured on these playlists, it has the potential to reach millions of new listeners. We have access to many of today’s top influencers and have the connections to get your song on their playlists. These packages are affordable too. You can get started with a Spotify playlist promotion package for as little as $10. That’s less money than take-out. 

We offer other packages that focus on growing your followers. It may sound superficial to buy followers, but it actually has a big impact on your career. To start things off, these are only followers from real accounts. We specifically promote your music to people who are already listening to your genre. This is how we can build your following up of real fans. Having a large following also shows the music companies that your sound has the potential to bring in a lot of fans. 

For the artists who have a library full of music videos to share, we also offer music video promotion packages that help you gain more organic views.  This promotion can help your YouTube video get recommended more often. 

Can you promote my music free of charge?

When it comes to music promotions, Music Promotion Corp is always here to help. Our team is put together by experts in the promotional field that have connections to some of the higher-level managers in the music industry. This is why we are able to get the song of every client we work with exactly where it needs to go to find success. 

One question many new clients ask us is Can Music Promotion Corp really promote my music free?” At Music Promotion Corp we completely understand the struggles new artists face when trying to get their songs heard. There are so many different promotional companies out there, how are you supposed to know which one to trust? Not to mention so many of these companies are guilty of taking an artist’s money then only playing their song to fake bots. 

That is why we decided to offer our clients a few free promotion services to show them we are the real deal when it comes to music promotions. Our free offers have some great tools to give your music a helping hand in the right direction. These free promotion services that we offer will give artists a better insight into why they should purchase a paid music promotion package. In the end, we all win from these free offers.

Our free offers are aimed at Soundcloud and Spotify artists. For Spotify artists, we offer a few free promotional services, such as a free Spotify playlist placement and free Spotify playlist submission. We also offer amazing free special for your song called 100 free Spotify plays. Soundcloud artists can take advantage of our free Soundcloud song promotion by sharing a post about us on social media. It has never been so easy to get free exposure before. 

Can you make my song go viral?

Music Promotion Corp can help with any form of music promotion that you need. One question many new clients ask us is “Can Music Promotion Corp make my song go viral?” This is not a superficial question either. Going viral isn’t just about being popular online and having everyone know your name. If your song goes viral then it has the potential to make huge changes to your music career. These are the type of changes that at one point you thought were only a dream. 

Record companies and other big players in the music industry are more likely to take notice of one of your songs goes viral. Having the right song in their hands can mean big things for your career as a musician. These are the people who can land you the best endorsements and collaborations. Your viral song could also get noticed by a famous singer who could reach out to you. 

For artists who are just waiting to be discovered having a song reach one of Spotify’s Official Charts is a huge deal. We offer Spotify viral playlist promotion services that will guarantee you a spot on one of these charts. This opportunity can open your music up to thousands of new fans from all over the world.

If you want to make your song go viral, then Spotify is the place to make it happen. Music Promotion Corp’s Spotify viral playlist promotion package can get you up to 20,000 new monthly listeners from real accounts within 10 days. You can promote up to 10 tracks and will be placed within 5 different playlist placements to reach thousands of new listeners. We will also get your name promoted in blogs, pages, and Spotify playlists to increase the viral effect. This viral music promotion can help get your name in music lovers’ mouths. 

Which is the best campaign services for my song?

For any artist who is eager to get to the top music campaign services are the way to go. There is so much that a great campaign service can do for your career as an artist. One campaign strategy that a lot of artists believe is the way to get noticed is to put all of their focus onto one social media platform. That is good for getting noticed but imagine the issues you could face if your account is suspended. The best campaign service for your song will avoid mistakes like that.

Your music campaign should be more than just about your image. It is still a good idea to put some work into your image though. Clean up your profiles and delete old stuff that isn’t relevant to your current music career goals. Add some fun media that will get viewers intrigued about your next project. Fans will feel more connected to you if you share clips or photos from when you’re recording or if you take some time to answer some of their questions. 

The best music campaign services are a lot of work but can save you a lot of money in the long run. You will need to focus on constantly updating every social media and music streaming app you are on. Connecting with fans on one platform can lead them to follow you on the others. Using social media to connect with the right people can land you on the hottest playlists and instantly start boosting your listens. 

An artist’s campaign also needs to be one they are comfortable with. It should know what their strengths and talents are when it comes to promoting and it should know which methods make the artist uneasy. Music Promotion Corp always takes your image into consideration.

Do you provide real music promotion services?

Music Promotion Corp only provides real music promotion services. We understand why you might be skeptical. So many companies offer promotional services, only to take your money and leave you with nothing. What they do is give your links to a bot service and create artificial listens and likes for you. We don’t have to work like that at Music Promotion Corp because we actually have ties to some of the best connections in the music industry.  

We have access to the most popular playlists to get your song noticed.  With these connections, we make sure that you are only being promoted to real accounts so all of your likes and followers are from organic fans. If we only market your music to a real audience then you have a better chance of building a long-term fan base.

Since all of our promotions are real, you will start to see results quickly. You won’t be waiting around for days to find out when people are hearing your tracks. This will help keep you motivated so you can continue working on your music and brand. We can get a real audience coming your way, but once we do it’s up to you to keep them there. 

We also offer some of the most affordable promotion packages in the business. No artist should have to go broke in the process of promoting their work. To prove that we can get you real results we even offer a few free music promotion packages. You can test us out before committing to a music promotion package.

Which are the best music marketing services to promote a new song?

The best music marketing services consider the long-term impact the services could have on the artist’s career. For an artist who seems to be struggling in one area, the right marketing can help land them some interviews or guest spots on popular blogs. One of the key aspects of a good music marketing service is to get the word about you out everywhere possible. 

You can make one of the best songs in the world and you still won’t see a dime from it until your music has seen popularity. The best music marketing services will help you reach a new audience by landing you on commercials and even guest spots on TV shows. It will help you reach your potential fans who still haven’t heard of you. 

A higher follower count makes it look like you have more potential to bring in fans with your music. Not only do people in the music industry notice this, but fans do as well. If they hear a song from you that they like and check out your profile, a larger following will have them believe that you are updating your fans with fun new material. 

One of the viral music promotion packages is the best choice to help you gain popularity and market your song wisely. With the right marketing strategies and one of Music Promotion Corp’s top-rated promotion packages, you can market your music brand in the most effective way. It will be a lot of work, but consistency will pay off once you are at the top of the charts. 

Do you offer artist promotion services?

Music Promotion Corp offers a variety of promotional services, so every artist has the opportunity to make the best of their career. We understand that for some artists it is more important to promote their image than one particular song. This can be a great tactic to draw more listeners to your page so they can listen to both your new and old songs. To help you do this we offer artist promotion services as well.

Every new artist should be releasing their music on Spotify. It is the leading music streaming platform worldwide and the place to be if you want to get discovered. Music Promotion Corp offers a Spotify artist profile promotion package that can get any artist loads of exposure.  You will be included in our newsletter that gets sent out to thousands of music fans who are always looking for new artists to listen to. 

Our artist profile promotion service can also greatly increase your chances of making it onto one of Spotify’s Offical Charts. Making it onto one of those charts can be amazing exposure for an upcoming artist. When you’re on top of the charts everyone knows your name.

Within one day of this promotion, you will start to see you listen and followers increase significantly. It is remarkable what an artist’s promotion service can do for your career. We will even get your music placed on 10 different playlist placements.

Like all of the promotion packages at Music Promotion Corp, we only promote your profile to real accounts who will be interested in what you have to offer. We focus our strategies on helping you gain lifetime fans.  The right promotion tactics for your profile can create a positive rise in followers and fans. These are the people who will, later on, pay to have your merchandise and get tickets to see your concerts. 

Which are the best music promotion sites for upcoming artists?

When a new artist is ready to take the step forward to promoting their music, they may feel overwhelmed by the amount of music promotion sites available. Music Promotion Corp is the top-rated music promotion site and we work hard to show you why we excel at getting your music noticed.

For starters, let’s talk about the budget. There is no reason for a company to be charging thousands of dollars to promote your work. Music Promotion Corp would never scam a client like that. We know how much it costs us to get your music in the right places, that is why we can deliver you budget-friendly packages. Our lowest-paid package starts at only $10. If you are really skeptical about making a purchase just yet, we even offer a few free promotional offers so you can try one before committing. 

We never waste time at Music Promotion Corp. Your time is valuable, which is why we never leave you wondering when we are going to get that song out there. The majority of our promotional packages can start showing you results within 24 hours. 

When it comes to finding a music promotion company that you can trust you should always take a look at their track record. All of the 5-star ratings on our services speak for themselves. If we could help all of those artists establish a career we can do the same for you.

You need to invest your time and money into music promotion sites that understand what you need. They should be on top of current trends in the music industry and know how to work social media to your advantage. Music Promotion Corp will leave you with the tools to make the most of your promotion services. 

Which is the best paid music promotion service from your site?

When it comes to music promotion sites, Music Promotion Corp offers some of the best services you will find. Our free resources are great for getting you started, but if you want to further your career as a serious artist then you will need to look into a paid music promotion service to get there. 

Music Promotion Corp offers so many amazing music promotion packages that it is impossible to say which one is the best-paid music promotion service. The best package for your music will all depend on what you are looking for. You could be a new country music artist who wants to release their first song and promote it to country music fans, or you could be a more seasoned rapper who wants to create some hype around a new music video you’re about to release. As you can see both artists require different services to get the best promo for their music. 

Until we know what you want to do, we can’t pinpoint the exact music promotion package for you yet. However, we can give you some helpful tips for picking out the best music package. 

The best package will stay within your budget. You should not have to spend a lot of money to have your music go far. It will also lead you to the platform where most of your potential fans are hanging out. You should be using as many different social media platforms as you can to reach the widest audience. 

Above all, the best method to grow your audience is consistent promoting. The more hype we can create around your current project, the more people we can get interested in. Start paying attention to all the little things you can do to help the marketing campaign. You could update a link in your bio, respond to more fans on Instagram, or even share a clip of you recording your track.  These little details can help strengthen the buzz.

All You Need To Know About Music Promotion in 2020!


    Music promotion is becoming more challenging by the day. The fierce competition has become daunting and it is no longer just about the quality of music or the composition. Effective music promotion is helping relatively average quality works to go viral whereas superior compositions are not generating enough traction. This is truly the age of marketing and hence you cannot expect your composition to gather steam on its own unless it is spectacularly unique and people take an instant liking to it. Gone are those days when a gem may remain unexplored only to be discovered sometime in the future. There is so much content being produced around the world and shared every day that older works will inevitably get drowned by new creations.

Develop a Music Promotion Strategy

    Music promotion cannot be random. Any approach cannot be truncated either. Sporadic attempts at reaching out to more people will not help. Some unplanned moves may help. It is necessary to not have everything scripted down to the minutest intervention but there should be a strategy to dictate the overall approach to music promotion.

    It is imperative to consider an omnichannel music promotion strategy. It is not sufficient to use any one platform, such as Spotify or SoundCloud and even YouTube for that matter. It is a prerequisite to use YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Radio if the music promotion strategy has to be effective. The imperativeness of an omnichannel strategy demands professional music promotion services. Unless an individual or a group has reasonable outreach already and they can harness that popularity to take the leap onto the larger stage, one will require music promotion companies to chart the course and help in the quest. One of our best services is Spotify promotion.

    There is no dearth of music promotion companies but the specialization has to be the most important criteria. Not all music promotion services are relevant in this era of social media. There are some music promotion companies still heavily reliant on traditional mediums. There are innumerable music promotion services that specialize in any one or a few platforms. You need both paid for and free music promotion on traditional and contemporary platforms. It is unwise to dismiss radio. It is definitely impractical to not use all the major social media sites, streaming services, and other virtual platforms.

Aim for Viral Music Promotion

    Every music promotion tactic cannot have the same objective. Some tactics should be used to accomplish immediate goals. A few tactics should be perennial for a sustained long-term impact. Likewise, there should be some attempts to help productions or compositions go viral. It is indeed possible to plan a viral music promotion. Creators often conceive the content with the intention of going viral with a post, story or production. Music promotion should be approached in this manner in a few instances.

    Viral music promotion is necessary for more reasons than one. Instant popularity is definitely a benefit of a song, composition or production gone viral. There is a ripple effect of such popularity. It is true that not every creator of viral content attains lasting fame but the impetus one needs at the time can be easily achieved. Then one can have the sustained music promotion strategy kick in to keep growing the audience and to strengthen the engagement.

    Music promotion companies are not always experts in viral marketing. You have to specifically choose viral music promotion services. Music Promotion Corp offers you a plethora of music promotion services cutting across platforms. You can explore music promotion on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram. You can also use Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, and Radio. There are packages. You may choose the kind of music promotion services that are relevant to you at the moment. You can go for viral music promotion and sustained strategies that will continue to boost your popularity. 

Explore Quantifiable Music Promotion Services

    One of the major criticisms of social media marketing and promotion has been the lack of measurable factors. Many tactics of music promotion do not have any quantifiable outcomes. Such approaches are essentially futile since one cannot figure out if there is any positive influence on the brand, popularity or fame of an artist. Music Promotion Corp specializes in quantifiable music promotion. Every package there has measurable outcomes as the objective. No artist should ever consider any type of music promotion services that do not have quantifiable outcomes.

    MusicPromotionCorp has data-driven music promotion services. Even free music promotion such as generating more views or getting a few likes should be vetted with hard facts. It is not easy to plan music promotion for free but there are some ways to get more exposure and exert improved influence. Music promotion companies that do not work on quantifiable outcomes and fail to use all the channels or mediums are ineffective in this age. Artists should only consider those who specialize in the mediums and the kinds of tactics that are necessary to generate momentum today.

Affordable and Genuine Music Promotion Services

    Artists should also bear in mind the quintessential elements of affordability and actuality. Perennial or viral music promotion should not cost a small fortune. The tactics should not be dependent on bots and fake impetus. The best music promotion services will get you, real followers, like from active profiles and views from high-quality users who have some influence on different platforms. It is futile to get bots to increase the following, views, plays or likes. There is hardly any impact on the actual following. Also, fake followers do not help artists interact with the real audience and hence there is no mechanism to generate genuine feedback.

    2020 will be the year when most social media platforms will become more stringent with bots. Major sites have already begun a crackdown on fake profiles. Following is taking a hit, there is shadow banning on some sites and suspicious activities are being constantly monitored. Any attempt to sustained or viral music promotion that is powered by fake profiles or bots will likely backfire. Steer clear of such music promotion services and chart your way forward using genuine strategies.

How to Promote Your Music and Grow Your Fanbase 

If you would love nothing more than the chance to hit the ground running in the world of music, building a huge fan base and following on all of the major streaming platforms (and iTunes, too) faster than you ever would have thought possible, we are here to help

Unlike a lot of other marketing and promotion agencies out there we here at MusicPromotionCorp focus exclusively on music promotion, with a specific set of skills, tools, and technology options that allow us to help even the newest artists in the world breakthrough, dominate the charts, and become famous in the world of music almost overnight! Sound too good to be true? We get that.

There are a lot of first-time clients thinking about taking advantage of our music promotion services that have heard promises like these before, promises that other companies can’t keep. That’s not going to be your experience here.

Not only do we know exactly how to pull the right strings when it comes to our music promotion services we also have a track record of success that you can independently verify – jumping on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and iTunes (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) to see for yourself just how successful our clients are using our promotional solutions.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, to skyrocket your success, and to finally share your music with the world-building an audience and real online celebrity way faster than you probably ever thought possible, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlock (Almost) Instant Success Promoting Your Music

The biggest reason people choose to take advantage of our music promotion services compared to other music promotion companies is our ability to get real results almost immediately.

From the time you place your order for our best music promotion solutions to the time you see results is going to feel like the blink of an eye, with many of our services kicking in immediately, and almost all of them delivered inside of 24 to 48 hours.

That means that at the very latest (at the very latest) you could have thousands of fans, thousands of plays, and thousands of new followers on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and all of your social media accounts inside of the next two days – all without having to spend a mountain of money along the way.

This is all thanks to our proprietary promotion services that we have been working on for years and years now, services and solutions that leverage 100% real and 100% organic follows and plays on all of the major streaming platforms and social media accounts to make sure that you never risk your reputation or your results with our solutions.

That’s is one of the reasons why we are considered one of the best music promotion services in the business, and why so many of our clients continue to come back to take advantage of the solutions we offer time and time again!

Cross-Platform Promotion

We recognize that it’s almost impossible to achieve real success in the music industry today unless you are working “cross-platform” – publishing your music on Spotify, on SoundCloud, on iTunes, on terrestrial and satellite radio, on YouTube, and on social media – but we also recognize that it’s almost impossible for busy artists to handle all of this heavy lifting while actually working on their music at the same time.

Luckily though, when you leverage the help of our music promotion services, you get to free up your time, your energy, and your mental bandwidth to focus on your music exclusively while we handle the heavy lifting of promotion for you.

Sick and tired of feeling like you’re always saying “nobody is helping to promote my music” and wishing that you could just get a little bit of an edge, a little bit of an advantage in the most competitive music industry that’s ever existed?

That’s where we come into play!

With our promotional services designed specifically for Spotify promotion, SoundCloud promotion, YouTube promotion, Apple music promotion, radio services, and social media (and that’s just barely beginning to scratch the surface of the iceberg) you won’t ever again have to feel like you are behind the eight balls even though you’re putting in so much time, energy, and effort.

On top of that, by turning to our team of the best music promotion experts in the industry today you’re also leapfrogging over any of the results you would have been able to achieve on your own if you are starting from scratch.

We know how to get you, followers, to get you fans, and to get you to play by the bucket full away faster than you ever would have thought possible before – and we can help you do ALL of that without spending a big old pile of money along the way.

Tap Into Playlist Promo Power

Another of the huge advantages our music promotion services offer (and a big piece of the puzzle behind why so many people use our services, to begin with) is that we know how to tap directly into the power of Spotify playlist promotion.

There may not be a faster way to get thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of new plays, new fans, and followers than getting airtime on the most popular and influential playlists Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and more have to offer.

At the same time, because these influential playlists are “kingmakers” in the world of music today they are incredibly competitive and hard to break into if you aren’t already an established artist.

Well, through the networking and connections we’ve built up with some of the more influential independent playlist creators and owners on the major streaming and music platforms today we can help get you on those playlists – supercharging your success, get you a lot of exposure, and helping you reach audiences that you might have had a tough time connecting with in the past.

Best of all, these playlist promotion services simply fold into all of the other music p